Follow Your Passion with the Lomo Lubitel 166+

In the dawn of the new year many a time we promise to ourselves to shoot more and produce better photographs than we used to. We all have our comfort zones though; the 35mm and compact cameras are simpler and easier to use. Once something works, it's quite hard to move on and find another that performs better. The medium format camera is often more intimidating, but many experts and professionals swear by the medium -- take Sebastião Salgado for instance.

The Lubitel 166+ is a reincarnation of the Soviet-era classic. One of the nicest things about this nifty camera is that it can use 120 and 35mm films, with several creative options due to its manual shutter speed and several apertures.

In terms of trying out something new, this camera is definitely the perfect one for transitioning from 35mm to medium format. Just check out the possibilities you can create through these photographs from our Lubitel lovers.

Vivid colors for lively photography

Credits: jennson, chippo, mafiosa & andrejrusskovskij

Professional texture

Credits: shanti929, vici, qrro, susielomovitz & andrejrusskovskij

Crisp movement

Credits: jennson, poepel, dakadev_pui & bloomchen

Art in multiple exposure

Credits: blackcoffeeandtantrum, adi_totp, mafiosa, sandravo, makny & susielomovitz

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Lomo Lubitel 166+

Lomo Lubitel 166+

LUBITEL+ IS FOR LOVERS - The Lubitel+ is simply the camera for people who love and adore life! Its manual controls are easy and satisfying to learn. Its light plastic body makes it the ideal daily companion. As one of the last twin-lens cameras still under production – and one of the cheapest pro-quality medium format cameras on the market – the Lubitel+ is an incredible value and an exciting new tool for analog photographers across the world.

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