Get the 360 Degree View of Wedding Photography with the Lomography Spinner 360


Use the Spinner’s 360 degrees to capture equally unique and fabulous wedding memories.

Before and after the ceremony, showing the guests capturing the moment, not just the happy couple.

Are you craving for a shot of your wedding that captures the whole scene, the feel and the candid emotions of not only the happy couple, but of all the guests too? Then look no further and set your eyes on the Spinner 360 from Lomography.

As we know, this camera captures a long panoramic view of the whole scene around you. This is an overlooked gem when it comes to wedding photography because you can get great group shots of people and they don’t have to turn to face you and make the ubiquitous “group pose.” In fact you can go in guerilla style and catch a group unaware – pre-pulling the cord so all you have to do is let the rip cord go when you’re in the middle of the crowd! When you do this, you often capture much better expressions and character when compared to a posed shot.

Guerilla-style group shots

This is also not the type of camera that a traditional wedding photographer will likely use. You can break the mold and get wonderful 360 degree wedding party shots that no one else will have but everyone will want a copy of! Just ask everyone to form a large circle and let the Spinner rip! This way, no one gets their body, head or any body part cut off in the picture! Plus, you can serve as the fun and quirky photographer with the unique camera at the event.

I knelt down, holding the spinner over my head!

The best bit about the spinner is that you always get smiles because everyone is so surprised and intrigued by the motion and position of the camera. The photos I have shown here were all taken outside with an ISO 100 film as it was reasonably bright. But you could do wonderful cake cutting or dancing shots indoors as well. Just remember to use a high ISO/ASA film like 800 or 1600 if you are going indoors or better yet, get the Spinner motoriser!

Capturing the 360 vista of the grounds around the wedding venue with a few guests, and myself!

So give this new and unexpected view a try some time and get some very memorable and unique shots of that special day.

The Spinner 360° goes beyond the confines of standard panoramic cameras. See everything around you (literally!), and be swept away by truly spectacular results. Head to our Online Shop and get your own Spinner 360°!

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