The First Dutch Belair Bosses

Patience is a virtue and after weeks of testing this virtue, the first Dutch Lomographers have been rewarded with their Belair 6 × 12 camera’s!

Usually it’s great fun to wait for stuff to arrive. It’s like getting a Christmas present only you never know when it will land on your doorstep. A few weeks ago the first Belair cameras where available for pre-order in the online shop and at the end of last week they started popping up all over the place! Dutch Lomographers started finding parcels of joy on their doorstep. And off course we want to know what these lucky few think of their latest and greatest!

Lomographer PetraWhen is the next Steampunk conference? I need to take this with me! This kamehameha-awesome camera has the vintage look and feel of a bellows camera but all the technical perks of ‘modern’ age compact cameras! The lightmeter, flash and the 6×12 mode are a godsend.

Lomographer MerelIt’s BIG! Both literal and figuratively. I was overwhelmed when the camera arrived. It’s a camera that definitely packs a huge punch!

Lomographer NielsThe Belair is a lightweight behemoth that is capable of mega-sized pictures. Yeah, 6 × 12 negatives on a roll of 120 film and it’s full automatic! I wonder is I can teach it to do the dishes for me too.

Lomographer and LomoAmigo NoutIn the ‘flesh’ the Belair is even lovelier then I imagined and it gives me that great feeling you want to get from an analogue camera. I immediately feel like pulling my Charlie Chaplin outfit out of the closet and hide under a black tarp with one of those old fashioned flashes.

Credits: mrmaart

Lomographers Nout and Merel immediately translated their Belair-enthusiasm into moving images. Klick here and enjoy:

Nout’s movie:

Nout tested the Belair last week during the 20 year aniversary party in the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam. Shooting inside without a flash can be tricky, even for a lightmeter equipped camera, so he found a way to attach his Lomography Ringflash to the Belair. You can check out this tipster to see how he did it.

Merel also filled up a roll with the Belair. Check the results in this album and also check her Belair review over here!

Did you order the Belair camera yet? Up till November 29th you can order it with a 15% discount in our online shop. Guaranteed to be delivered in January.

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