My Lubitel 166B from Second to First Hand

2012-09-19 6

Clean your beautiful Lubitel and it’ll be like new with this simple trick. Important: This tipster is only for adventurers.

I always wanted to have a Lubitel because I think they’re really beautiful. Surfing on internet sites, I found a lovely lubitel 166B, and the most important and shocking was its price. Obviously it was not very safe, but the idea of having this great camera in my hands convinced me.

At first glance it was great and it didn’t have any problems. The lens was ok and everything!

I like the paper which was wrapping it

Everything was perfect until I realised something terrible. The bottom lens didn’t have a very small screw and it didn’t turn, so… the photos will be out focus!

After regretting this for a month, I realised that the lens was misplaced and that it didn’t go above but under the circular part of the Lubitel. So for this it was necessary to have the 3 screws.

It’s difficult to see but the lens was misplaced in this photo
The lens on its place

I celebrated it, because I was really happy for fixing my beautiful camera, but I realized that the lens was so dirty and the viewfinder too. And removed all the screws to clean the camera inside.

I’ll show you, how to do it.

First: Unscrew the 3 little screws on the upper lens

Seconds: Turn the two lenses, Upper to right and Bottom to the left.

Third: You can quit the two lenses and clean them

Important: I mount my camera, but I don’t know if there will be problems focusing when you quit the lenses, so try to count the turns, to mount them again.

Forth: Inside the viewfinder there are 3 screws that you must quit to clean it

Fifth: When you quit the viewfinder armor, you must be careful so you can remember how to put the pieces so the glass don’t fall. Clean all this and screw it all.

Finally, put the two lenses at the same time in the opossite sense.

And your little Lubitel will be like new!

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translated by carlosbull


  1. ester_s_ch
    ester_s_ch ·

    Gracias por traducir mi articulo! :D

  2. eugenionesta
    eugenionesta ·

    I need to know how can I replace de loupe or my Lubitel 166B, I bougth the camera without de loupe! Please help!

  3. ester_s_ch
    ester_s_ch ·

    @eugenionesta hola! hablas español? cuéntame que te sucedió, quizás pueda ayudarte :)

  4. eugenionesta
    eugenionesta ·

    Que bien! Lo que paso es que me compre una Lubitel pero vino sin la lupa. Querría saber si es totalmente necesaria o si puedo vivir sin ella :) Gracias!

  5. ester_s_ch
    ester_s_ch ·

    @eugenionesta depende si es la de arriba no sirve de nada, porque solo es para el visor. Pero si es la de abajo, yo pienso que si :/ lo único que te queda seria probarla con un rollo barato por ultimo, así no pierdes tanto

  6. eugenionesta
    eugenionesta ·

    En realidad es la lente que va arriba del visor, no es la que tiene el vidrio del visor. Es esa que se pone y se saca pero creo que no hay ningún problema porque mi enfoque esta mejorando. Te hago otra consulta de ignorante, es normal que lo que yo vea por el visor este al revés? Nunca tuve una TLR. Esta dado vuelva de izquierda a derecha, no de abajo para arriba. Y si yo quiero encuadrar un poco mas a la derecha tengo que hacer in giro a la izquierda. Es algo raro, no se si me explico bien.

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