The Bauhaus Wheel Diagram


A curriculum in the form of a wheel-like diagram. You wouldn’t be surprised if it was made by Gropius for the Bauhaus curriculum. This is exactly what inspired us to create the Fisheye Baby 110 Bauhaus edition!

Credits: annegreat

Tell me, when you’re applying, or already going, to a university or college, wouldn’t you expect a long list of courses and descriptions printer on a plain old square paper? I’m sure that what most of us printed out when browsing the university’s website.

Photo by oliver.tomas

But here’s an interesting diagram made by Gropius, Founder and Director of the Bauhaus.

It’s shaped like a wheel, where the outer edge of it represents a six-months preliminary course (the Vorkurs). This course involved painting and elementary experiments with form. The two middle rings inside signifies the three-year course (the Formlehre and Werklehre), including the materials that were used. The three years of workshop is trained by two masters: one artist, one craftsman. In the middle, the hub of the wheel pays reference to building constructions and engineering. Architecture was studied in theory and practiced by working on actual constructions of buildings.

Sounds like a fun curriculum to me! Apply this to a camera, and you get the Fisheye Baby 110 Bauhaus edition!

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