Shooting with Recesky Twin Lens Reflex


Last year I bought a DIY Recesky Twin Lens Reflex kit. It actually took me almost 1 hour to build the camera even though the instructions said that it will only take half an hour. So, I was really excited to try out my new baby. The big question is… DOES IT WORK?

For the first roll, I used an expired China branded film that came with the camera. The result was not really up to my expectation. Due to the old film, the pictures came out greenish and pink!

Credits: miich

I also found a problem on the wind knob. It was hard to wind the film because I have screwed it too tight.
I was disappointed.. and decided to give the camera a second try. After repairing the wind knob and hoping that it works, I loaded a Kodak Ultramax 400 into it. Took it around town and my grandparents place to snap some photos.

To my surprise the result was great! I love the feeling that it gives.. and I definitely love the blurry effect on the edges of the camera.

Credits: miich

I am really amazed by this camera..not only have I learnt the structure of a camera, I feel more happy when the pictures came out great. Most probably because I construct it all by myself.

One thing that I really love about this camera is that it allows me to shoot from the hip. I feel that it is really worth it for this camera only cost around RM80. I am definitely using this camera more often and playing with its multiple exposures in the future.

Do you own a Recesky TLR? Post a comment and share your photos. I would love to see what could this baby do more!

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  1. mikeydavies
    mikeydavies ·

    i own one! yet to use it properly yet though! ha ha

  2. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I have one. I had my tension knob too loose at first and had a lot of space between frames. Figured correct tension and it is a fun camera. I always forget how many exposures I have taken though. I try my best to count but often get distracted and forget. This article makes me want to take it out this weekend. :)

  3. miich
    miich ·

    would love to see the photos :D

  4. blablabla-anab
    blablabla-anab ·

    Hi :)
    Iove this camera!
    Here you can read about my experience with it:…

    I have two albuns with it already:

    Right now it's staying put because it's Winter and I'm not too sure about the light, but in Summer I'll take it everywhere :D It's an awesome experience to shoot with it.. Thank you for sharing your results ^____^

  5. eudo98
    eudo98 ·

    i have the camera to :).Its my first camera and I build it myself ^____^

  6. redryan
    redryan ·

    I think I have to buy one

  7. mingky
    mingky ·

    I've just build mine. Still need to test it. :)

  8. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    @miich hello, bought mine, assembled it and i want to sharemy results, please tell what you think: and also did a review:… let me know your thoughts

  9. joaomiguelsantoscunha
    joaomiguelsantoscunha ·

    @miich but I must say I loved the results, wasn't expecting so good

  10. totatigre
    totatigre ·

    Hi! I'm waiting for ebay to deliver mine. :) I've see the manual and tutorials about it, and it seems to me that it's really important to read them carefully, cause the tension on some screws, the shutter for example, is crucial for for shutter speed.
    Thanks for the article.

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