How to Scan with a Digitaliza


General information about this awesome product and a how to use video in combination with an Epson scanner.

Everybody knows that Digitaliza is a very special scanner mask used to get your 35mm’s film sprockets. But several of us have encountered the scanner-mask compatibility problem. As a scanner, I used the V330 Epson which is a vey common scanner. But this one only scans 35mm film and only one stripe per scan.

For this to work, you either use a cardboard of about 7.3cm (from the left side of the scanner) and 2 cm (up from the bottom) to align the Digitaliza, or just mark with a non-permanent pen (erdnusskeks’s idea). Basically, you load the 35mm film in your Digitaliza, align it and preview, if you don’t like the position, correct and re-scan.

Credits: pvalyk

I give full credit to erdnussekeks how advised me about using this combination.

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  1. pinkpix
    pinkpix ·

    Cool! I have the Epson V500 so I'm going to test this floppy method… :D

  2. clemeister
    clemeister ·

    I have the V330 too, but I put a cardboard on the right side of the scanner glass... lol
    I see you have the bluish line running on one side of the scans, in between the sprocket holes. I eliminated them by putting the film type as 'black & white negative' even though it's colour. It still comes out fine, though.

  3. mrkroket
    mrkroket ·

    Thanks for the tips! I also own a V330 and it's a bit tricky at the begining to get the films scanned with digitaliza! But after several times you get your own method that works! :D

  4. sabress
    sabress ·

    it doesn't work with my epson v600 not 120 nor 35 film scanning mask ;?

  5. pvalyk
    pvalyk ·

    @sabress obviously I have no idea @clemeister the scans with the bluish line are not from scanning with V330

  6. erdnusskeks
    erdnusskeks ·

    thanks for the credits pvalyk, really sweet of you :) (wished my name was written correctly though ;) ). i really wonder about the bluish line as well, i have no idea where that comes from because i can't imagine my photolab to do a crappy job. so the explanation that it's the v330 seems logical to me... in any case, thanks for the advice, @clemeister !

  7. pvalyk
    pvalyk ·

    @erdnusskeks i didn't wrote your name. I just wrote a link to your Lomohome, I'm sorry that it's not written correctly. the bluish line, as I said before, is not from a v330 scan, it's from some scans of a "photo-labs" crappy work, as you previously said.
    Thanks for your support!

  8. carinboshuisen
    carinboshuisen ·

    Well, years later I have bought an Epson V370 and the Digitalize 110 and guess what. It does not work. Even with the trick it does not work while on the box it says 'works with all flatbed scanners with a backlight unit'..........*so disappointed*

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