J-HipHop Artist Yucali (Halcali) Takes Pictures with the Sprocket Rocket

Ever since they released their first CD “Tandem”, J-HipHop Duo HALCALI is achieving great success in various fields such as making TV commercial songs, appearances on magazines and TV shows, and hosting a radio show. They have released their latest mini album last February, 2011. Here, we’d like to share pictures taken by YUCALI (the member of HALCALI) with the Sprocket Rocket, and an interview too!

One day, we got a message from YUCALI.
“I’d like to get the Sprocket Rocket. Do you still have white ones in stock?? I’ll visit the store sometime soon.”
And this was how this special interview started. She has now been using the camera for 3 months. It seems like she’s enjoying it in her own unique way, trying double exposure, color flash and cross process. She kindly introduced our products on her official blog too.

Please enjoy her interview about photography, behind stories and Sprocket Rocket with colorful and cheerful great pictures she took that reflect her personality.

Country JAPAN

Please introduce yourself.

I’m in a duo called HALCALI. I’m the one smaller, and always standing on the right side.

When did you start using Lomography cameras? and how did you find out about us?

I got Diana from my partner HALCA last year on my birthday.

What made you into photographer?

A used SLR camera I got from my mother made me realize that I really love the feel of film photos.

How would you explain the Sprocket Rocket in one sentence?

The center of attention!!

Do you have any surprising stories to share while you were using the Sprocket Rocket?

I love to do double exposures and it’s so fun to imagine how it would turn out. It got me so excited when I got the developed photos and found out that I was in a same picture with a friend who took pictures separately.

If you put soundtracks with your pictures here, what songs would they be?

Asa/Broda Olé
The Like/He’s Not A Boy
The Right Ons/Do Your Thing, Babe

If you could go anywhere with your Sprocket Rocket, where would you go? and why?

Turkey. I want to get on a balloon and take pictures of Cappadocia from the sky!

In those shots you made for this interview, there is one from a stage of the summer music festival! It was really impressive, only you can take that kind of pictures because it’s an angle from the stage! How was it like when you took this shot? What was the reaction of the audience?

That shot was taken right in the middle of a drum solo of our performance. It was the moment that everyone’s excitement reached its peak. I think it worked really well with the panorama shots because I could catch every inch of the audience’s lively faces. They all smiled and made cool poses!

Do you have any favorite films, items or situations when you take pictures with the Sprocket Rocket? Is there a way of taking a picture or photogenic subject that you tend to like whether consciously or unconsciously?

I really like playing with color flash filters to take colorful photos. It’s a great way to do self portraits.
Oh, and I like cross process too. It gives a cool texture to photos.

What else do you want to take pictures of with your Sprocket Rocket?

Some places that are magnificent, and things that are huge. Maybe like giraffes.

Any advice to people using or thinking about buying the Sprocket Rocket?

It gets more and more fun as you take pictures with it.
I bet you can get so many interesting shots with your creative ideas.
I am still trying too, but let’s just take bunch of pictures and try out everything we can think of!
Action is what counts! You are gonna have so much fun with it!

HALCALI Official Site : http://www.halcali.com/
HALCALI Official Blog : http://ameblo.jp/halcali-blog/

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