Joined Lomography July 10, 2016 and posted my first photo on the 29th. Yes, it was an instant photo! Mostly shooting instant right now. I did Gum Bichromate for years and miss the process terribly. I am trying to achieve that same magical combination of painting and photo. Recently shot some 35mm for the first time in 11 years. Tried the Lomochrome Purple, Turquoise and Redscale, very pleased with the painterly results. Really enjoying the multi-lens cameras! Loving the Petzval and the wonderful atmospheric qualities that you can get from an art lens. Delving into a camera collection started by my Dad, lovingly and obsessively continued by me. I plan to photograph with as many of these cameras as I can. Bad case of G.A.S. (Gear acquisition syndrome), which is unfortunately not limited to the antiquities.

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