Human Stories: Doppelgangers

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Ever worn a floral skirt that matched the hotel's curtain or found your lookalike inside a museum? If you got photos to prove that amusing coincidence, then you're in luck!

Earlier this year, everyone went loco finding for their fine art doppelgangers. For this competition, we're bringing this fun matching game out of the museums.

On your next photo walk, be on the look out for people that bear uncanny resemblance with their surroundings. Think of how someone's fluffy hair resembles a cotton candy or how a dog's expression mimics that of his human companion. Of that hilarious incidents where the clothes you are wearing blends with the lobby's carpet or looking like your childhood toy.

Each participant may submit up to 10 photographs. This competition serves as the qualifying round for the Human Stories category.

Photo by maryrobinson.

The Prizes

  1. Voucher worth 50 EUR for Lomography online shop × 1
  2. 15 Piggies for the Lomography online shop × 10

The Winners

Congratulations to: monkeydance, cristianogerardi, prntmkrap, -dakota-, systemdevice, gaeett8, kleeblatt, amelia37blue, chrislimpio & candeeland.