1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Wow vraiment lomo comme lab !

  2. kernow_and_cambria
    kernow_and_cambria ·

    Cool shot!

  3. emma_voodoo
    emma_voodoo ·

    is it still in business or has it gone under?

  4. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    no, think it's gone under... :(

  5. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Too many of these are going under!! And Kodak quit making Aerochrome.

  6. showbaer
    showbaer ·

    i like this very much - great shoot

  7. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    haha XD

  8. mikahsupageek
    mikahsupageek ·

    Ah draguignan, je me demande si ce labo a survécu aux inondations récentes...

  9. remi-boiteux
    remi-boiteux ·

    Hey, hey... I'm the 100th like, feels good! This shot is really great.

  10. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    hard to believe it's a thing of the past now :(

  11. francesco1
    francesco1 ·

    this is a legit shot man!

  12. disdis
    disdis ·

    I can't belive I hadn't clicked on I like on this before.... It is a famous picture!

  13. icomewhenieatcaponata
    icomewhenieatcaponata ·


  14. dida
    dida ·

    love it!

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