Hello and Welcome to my little corner of the Lomo-World.

I first learned to process b&w film in 1975 at the age of 11. Studied photography at Daytona State College. Worked as a photographer at the University of Kansas for years and later at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Now I am disabled and live in rural Florida. I still shoot when I can.

I love my two Diana+s (one for 120 and the other with the instant back), my Lubitel 166B, an original LC-A, my Horizon 202 and Spinner 360 with Motorizer. I also have Mamiya 645 & 645e, Rapid Omega 200, Gowland Pocket-view, 5 Minolta X-700s, Minolta XG-M, Minolta SRT-MCII and a Minolta HI-Matic AF-2 just to name a few. I also collect cheap plastic/novelty cameras, 1980-1990's point and shoot 35mm cameras, and antique cameras.

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