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amsterdam canals city europe netherlands
Disposable Camera
35 m
ik hou van amsterdam

We’re fizzing with excitement to introduce our latest Kickstarter project: the Lomo’Instant Square. We’re talking about the world’s first analogue camera to produce square-format Instax pictures. It features a 95mm glass lens for super sharp photos, an advanced automatic mode that takes care of exposure, all of Lomography’s signature creative features — and a compact, foldable design. The Lomo’Instant Square has launched on Kickstarter. Come join the fun and back us on Kickstarter now to save up to 35% on the planned retail price, and scoop all sorts of extra treats. Be sure to snatch up the deals before they run out. Be there and be square!


  1. abcdefuck
    abcdefuck ·

    this looks like an old colorpainted postcard.

  2. henc
    henc ·

    beautiful colors! it has something magical - looks actually like when I have been to amsterdam :D

  3. catarella
    catarella ·

    wow! =) at first, I thoght you had photographed some painting. The water has so many colors!

  4. fancholland2
    fancholland2 ·

    Great colors!

  5. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Another very strongly coloured, hardworking photo!!

  6. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    wow! what dispoable cam is that?

  7. ecchymoses
    ecchymoses ·

    it was a disposable camera from "tati", a cheap clothes shop in Paris, I bought it because it was in pink gingham ;p

  8. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    I love the retro feel because of the colors. How I'd like to get my hands on that "cheap camera" you got! :)

  9. fash_on
    fash_on ·


  10. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    i love the colors! looks like a painting =)

  11. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Great shot, look very like a water color paiting::))

  12. hhjm
    hhjm ·

    Great !!!!! like a water color painting:)

  13. adamo-75
    adamo-75 ·

    Wow! I love the colours you have achieved with your "cheap disposable camera". Great album too:)

  14. evenie
    evenie ·


  15. planetape2001
    planetape2001 ·

    This is beautiful...I agree, looks like a painting...striking!

  16. cheeso
    cheeso ·

    Wow, amazing colors!

  17. nikkaxxx
    nikkaxxx ·



  18. patatero
    patatero ·

    oh . . so fantastic

  19. blue-dog
    blue-dog ·

    Wow yes an odd a thumb it looked like a painting

  20. kdstevens
    kdstevens ·

    Great colors!

  21. mattg85
    mattg85 ·

    Nice colors!

  22. hihoboy
    hihoboy ·

    some fantastic colours you got out of your cheap disposable camera =)

  23. kakacita
    kakacita ·

    looks like a painting....:-)

  24. myloveletter
    myloveletter ·

    wow! I thought this was a painting by the thumb nail!!

  25. warning
    warning ·


  26. simonjamesonweston
    simonjamesonweston ·

    how did you get the colours on a disposable camera - fantastic!

  27. mephisto19
  28. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    that on,e too, please...!!!!!!!!!

  29. stouf
    stouf ·

    Surprising !

  30. imashoe
    imashoe ·

    The colors are just amazing. I love it ! :)

  31. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    The colours are crazy, my mum you used to paint her pics like this in the sixties!

  32. escudero
    escudero ·

    que buena, menudo cuadro parece una pintura

  33. gemma81de
    gemma81de ·

    Wow, looks like a painting.

  34. sandkorn
    sandkorn ·

    surreal, fantastic

  35. aurore
    aurore ·

    Woow! all that colours! Amsterdam is a nice city!

  36. nation_of_pomation
    nation_of_pomation ·

    I love your description, because I love Calvin Harris!

  37. dkssudsky
    dkssudsky ·


  38. ipdegirl
    ipdegirl ·

    great colors!

  39. renrep
    renrep ·

    Those colors just jump. Nice snapshot.

  40. lloyd_ay
    lloyd_ay ·

    Find me this damn Camera.

    ...then mail it to Australia.



  41. gocatgo
    gocatgo ·

    This camera was a great find … produced amazing images.

  42. cowboy
    cowboy ·


  43. maskerlin
    maskerlin ·

    like a painting

  44. manneken
    manneken ·

    Woooow!! It's like a painting! O_O

  45. lola_juanlu
    lola_juanlu ·

    Oh my good!!, it´s really beatiful!!

  46. oleman
    oleman ·

    Wow, beautiful colours

  47. myloveletter
    myloveletter ·


  48. alehopgm
    alehopgm ·

    Wow! Great colors! It's like a painting!

  49. stickyvinny
    stickyvinny ·

    Wow! This is fantastic!
    I can't believe it was taken with a disposable camera!

  50. jodiekittyrobot
    jodiekittyrobot ·

    wow, so beautiful

  51. dandymanchot
    dandymanchot ·

    One of the most beautiful pictures i've ever seen around here. Bravo, c'est la grande classe.

  52. slivinskaja_
    slivinskaja_ ·


  53. ne_fryakai
    ne_fryakai ·


  54. realmustache
    realmustache ·

    so beautiful!

  55. zz
    zz ·

    This is really good ~~~

  56. frauspatzi
    frauspatzi ·


  57. schommsen
    schommsen ·

    beautiful. and congrats to potd ;)

  58. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    photo of the day on the german site, yeah, congrats :D

  59. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    congrats for PHOTO OF THE DAY on the german site!!!!! well deserved!!!

  60. maneke
    maneke ·

    * wow, Herzlichen Glückwunsch !

  61. mylatehope
    mylatehope ·

    amazing image!

  62. erty
    erty ·


  63. jangrundel
    jangrundel ·

    More Dreams! Wonderful!

  64. chung1974
    chung1974 ·


  65. checkma8
    checkma8 ·

    Had a Trip!! in the Dam when i was younger and i swear the colors where exactly the same....{(o)}.....
    Wow!!! nice!

  66. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    very cool. It looks tilt-shifted.

  67. babble
    babble ·

    wow! great colours!;o

  68. pinkpix
    pinkpix ·

    love the colours and looooove disposable cameras!

  69. lucianalfaro
    lucianalfaro ·

    Amazing colors. Are they for real?

  70. didicoffee
    didicoffee ·

    amazing :)

  71. bjqc
    bjqc ·


  72. realrampage
    realrampage ·

    super couleurs ;)

  73. alana_papona
    alana_papona ·

    Van Gogh!

  74. lucaro
    lucaro ·

    Awesome shot!

  75. alenixedda
    alenixedda ·

    me encanta!! i love it

  76. duckyruss
    duckyruss ·

    wow! o.o

  77. lvhuimin
    lvhuimin ·

    amazing!!How did u make it ~??

  78. samvise
    samvise ·

    Nice colors!

  79. guinastrapazi
    guinastrapazi ·

    cool effect of the camera.. amazing :)

  80. gusatnt
    gusatnt ·

    beautiful colors

  81. nubesdecolores
    nubesdecolores ·

    Great colors!

  82. daguet
    daguet ·

    amazing colors!

  83. dopa
    dopa ·

    this colors are just great!

  84. supermegahomers
    supermegahomers ·

    the colors are so vibrant! it looks like a painting!

  85. chodor
    chodor ·

    very picturesque ;)