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There's my next (2018-08-26) article in The Lomography Magazine, entitled "How to Make Lo-Fi Photographs with 35 mm Films" regarding the lo-fi photos making - but with regular 135 film, as You can guess. :-D :-D…

My DIANA BABY 110 exhibition (2014) -…
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Yo, I'm Yerz. I'm interested in lo-fi photography, that is: how to gain interesting effects using very simple means and hardware. :)

Well, I'm a strange lomographer, I suspect: I found out about the lomography in May 2013 but I take photos with my LOMO Smena 8M since... 1983. :)

When I was about 8 years old - my father bought the Smena for me. And that's how it started. Since then I was making photos with this Smena, and nothing more, so I could say that I'm "LOMO-only". ;)

Also, until the 05.2013 I was making photos only "to the drawer" You know, for myself only. I didn't even think anybody could be interested in them, as all people long time ago has moved to digital cameras, and so on. But - since I found the Lomography WWW site and the entire movement - I started to put my stuff on Internet. Maybe somebody might be interested.

Mainly I make photos of nature, or castles, or something like that. You know - the 'fantasy' stuff. ;) When I'm in such a place, I just take the Smena and make as many photos as the film allows. ;)

I like the idea of making LOMO cameras' clones and the entirely new film cameras, as well as producing new films.

Who need any fancy super-hyper-cameras where human brain isn't important at all - only the machine makes everything. ;) Whilst old cameras from 80s/90s - or the new "Lomography" cameras for that matter - require from the user to put his soul and brain in it, hehe.


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