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Yo, I'm Yerz. I'm interested in lo-fi photography, that is: how to gain interesting effects using very simple means and hardware. :)

Well, I'm a strange lomographer, I suspect: I found out about the lomography in May 2013 but I take photos with my LOMO Smena 8M since... 1983. :)

When I was about 8 years old - my father bought the Smena for me. And that's how it started. Since then I was making photos with this Smena, and nothing more, so I could say that I'm "LOMO-only". ;)

On one hand I wasn't sure if I can be considered as a part of the Lomography movement because I learnt about it only this year. And I don't want to impersonate/pretend to be one, without proper rights You know. ;)

On the other hand, all my life - until 2013 - I used only and exclusively the LOMO camera (and - what's funny - still the same one for 30 years because it works perfectly well all this time!!! :) ) so I assume I can state I'm a lomography fan and some part of the movement (I hope). ;)

Also, until the 05.2013 I was making photos only "to the drawer" You know, for myself only. I didn't even think anybody could be interested in them, as all people long time ago has moved to digital cameras, and so on. But - since I found the Lomography WWW site and the entire movement - I started to put my stuff on Internet, into the Polish version of the Lomography pages - and also here.
Maybe somebody might be interested.

Mainly I make photos of nature, or some castles or something like that. You know - the 'fantasy' stuff. ;) When I'm in such a place, I just take the Smena and make as many photos as the film allows. ;)

I love the idea of making LOMO cameras' clones - it was brilliant enough, that's for sure. But another idea - of making totally new analogue cameras based on the classic technique - that was simply a stroke of genius.
Also producing new films. Excellent stuff indeed.
Who need any fancy super-hyper-cameras where human brain isn't important at all - only the machine makes everything. ;) Whilst old cameras from 80s/90s - or the new "Lomography" cameras for that matter - require from the user to put his soul and brain in it, hehe.

As for other stuff, seems like I was always driven to some small/weird/plastic devices, 'cause in time I bought also a DDR (West Germany) Beirette SL 100N (version 'red') in 1987, and then BeLOMO Agat 18K, CCCP/Belarus, in 1988/1989 if I recall, but actually I have never probably made any photos on them (or very few): LOMO was LOMO after all ;) so I stayed with the Smena 8M.

******HOWEVER****** it was UNTIL I found about the Lomography: those ideas - and....... THE HARDWARE!!!!! =8-D
So in May, after 30 years from my LOMO Smena and over 20 years after the last camera I bought - the Agat - I finally bought a NEW (and I mean: BRAND NEW!!!!!!) analogue camera - the Lomography Diana Mini!!!!!!
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! :) The Diana is the best for me, as it's based on very similar technique and solutions as the Smena is, it LOOKS similar to the Smena and even its name is similar (because actually the "Smena" should be pronounced "Smiena". Now I have Smiena and Diana! ;) ).
A short period later I bought also the Diana Baby, hehehehe. ;)
Btw - all the entourage of the Lomography cameras is a brilliant idea too! The cool box, the nice-lookin' guide/instruction and the book with photos plus infos (very funny btw) - I really felt like in 80s again!! :)

Now I try to make my collection a little bit bigger, so I also bought lately several cameras from 80s, like Yashica MF-2 and Beirette VSN2. And to "regain" my older stuff, I also bought (again) an excellent German Kind of Plastic Cameras from 80s ;) the Beirette SL 100N. The previous one got broken sadly.


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