Fuji Provia 100F: Great Fun During the Day and Night!

Fuji Provia 100F or also known as the RDP III is a wonderful slide film to X-PRO! You will see strong bluish green which can turn a boring and dull view, into an awe-inspiring picture, even at night!

Credits: mohdsaddam

Unlike the Velvia 100F, this slide film gives a cooler tone to the pictures. The bold green and some blue gives the pictures somewhat a fresh feeling to it. Like most slide films to be x-proed, if you overexpose the film, you will get something too contrasty and that can ruin the photo. But also, you have to be quite careful because of the film’s slow speed. When in low light, it is very easy to underexpose and you may get very dark pictures.

Credits: mohdsaddam

At 100 ISO, it is not a fast film, but at night, it is a fun film to “B-mode” with! I loaded this film in my rangefinder camera with a B mode during the New Year’s celebration, and what came out was amazing colors and magic! It captured the atmosphere of the night superbly. The light fountains and fireworks came out as explosions of colors! There was also very minimal amount of grain on most pictures.

Credits: mohdsaddam

Although the Provia 100F film that I used was expired, the pictures came out great. That is another good thing about this film. Even when it has surpassed its due date, it still produces amazing results!

So the only downside to this film which I can think of is it’s low speed, which is not good for indoor photography but like I said, you can turn it around by going B-mode crazy!

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