Muhammad Jocky's First Impressions of Our LomoChrome Color '92 ISO 400 Film

Jakarta-based photographer Muhammad Jocky has been taking pictures since 2008. Over the years he has been involved in several photography communities and has created activities and collectives such as Instameetindonesia and Streetmeetina. His biggest achievement in creating a photography gathering so far has been #WWIM12JavaConnect in 2015 which was attended by 1,115 participants in Bandung.

Jocky recently tried out our LomoChrome Color ’92 35 mm ISO 400 paired with the LomoApparat 21 mm Wide-angle Camera. Check out his photos and read his thoughts on the newest film stock below!

© Muhammad Jocky

Hi and welcome to Lomography Magazine! Please introduce yourself to the Lomography Community.

I go by the nickname Jocky or Jo. I am based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and I started photography in 2008.

Please tell us a bit about your photographic background.

Photography was always fascinating to me through my early years in school. Having worked in a financial institution for years I then challenged myself to resign and pursue the thing that has always been caught my mind – photography. I had to start from scratch and build my skills, through learning by myself and with a couple of mentors along the way. I kind of published my work through Instagram. I was initially drawn to landscape and travel photography. Traveling is another hobby of mine. From traveling, I get to meet new people, experience new cultures and capture it through my lens.

© Muhammad Jocky

It took me by surprise that others also like the pictures that I post. From that, I started getting freelance jobs here and there, from organizations, institutions, even personal projects. Since last year, I have been focusing on the path of being a professional photographer and videographer, in which clientele come from both corporate and personal. Each project has its own unique touch. The client has their own version of a perfect moment to last forever in a photo, and I have a knack of getting it done in an extraordinary picture. Simply contact and meet me to tell me about your view and we’ll take it from there to create a great combination of both impressions.

Why did you decide to shoot with the new LomoChrome Color '92 film ?

I decided to shoot with the new LomoChrome Color ’92 film because at first I really wanted to try the new product from the Lomography. I also wanted to know what the results would be like, if it was more of a cool tone or a warm tone.

© Muhammad Jocky

What do you think about the results?

Honestly, I was surprised by the results. Sure, we all know the Lomography camera is good, but the results are even better than I expected, super good!

How would you describe the look of this film?

Well, the look of this film is more of a warm tone, like it got the warm, yellow-ish tone to it.

Do you have a favorite photo taken with this film?

Yes, below are some of my favorite photos that were taken with this film!

© Muhammad Jocky

What do you like most about the LomoChrome Color '92 film?

What I like the most about this film is that the results have more contrast and a warm tone to them.

What do you think is the perfect situation for shooting this film?

I think the perfect situation to shoot this film is an outdoor area or a place that has a lot of natural sunlight.

© Muhammad Jocky

We love that you went about the test by shooting a variety of colors around you. Which colors do you think fared the best?

I think the colors that are the best are green and chocolate.

Can you use three words to describe the LomoChrome Color '92 film?

Contrast, portrait, nature.

How do you feel about a new color negative film being on the market?

I think it’s going to be attracting a lot of customers, especially for the wedding and traveler market.

© Muhammad Jocky

Anything else you would like to share with our community members?

Make a lot of local gatherings so we can share the photography world with each other.

© Muhammad Jocky

Thank you to Muhammad Jocky for sharing his work with us! To see more of his photography check out his Instagram.

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