Wabi-Sabi with Katie Aird and the Lomography Color Negative 120 film

UK-based graduate Katie Aird has been shooting her latest campaigns and projects using a mix of Lomography Color Negative ISO 800 and Color Negative ISO 400 120 film. She talks to us about building up her portfolio, choosing to shoot with film and explains to us what Wabi-Sabi means and how she applies this aesthetic to her work.

"It's Not Rocket Science" Photos by Katie Aird shot on the Lomography CN 800 120 film

Hello Katie, please introduce yourself to our readers?

I'm a Visual Artist and Art Director, based in Manchester UK. Recent photography graduate from the University of Salford. Experimental process is key to my methodology. Most of my portfolio consists of fashion-based collaborative projects.

"It's Not Rocket Science" Photos by Katie Aird shot on the Lomography CN 800 120 film

Tell us about your work, what inspires you and why you choose to shoot film?

Believer of spirituality while incorporating the practices of mindfulness - most of my work derives from Psychoanalytic reference or Eastern Philosophy such as Wabi-Sabi. I tend to experiment and play with the process and experimental outcome.

I choose to shoot film because it slows the process down, it escapes the rush and mass-produced pressure that we face in society today, allowing time to reflect. The ‘Itʼs Not Rocket Science,ʼ series an editorial, aiming to be a lesson in how challenging traditional gender roles can be a freeing gateway to unabashed self-expression

"It's Not Rocket Science" Photos by Katie Aird shot on the Lomography CN 800 120 film

In your bio you talk about Wabi Sabi, could you explain this to our readers and tell us how it affects your work?

Wabi-Sabi is the terminology that ought to encourage the reuse of aged, decayed, and broken into something beautiful and appreciated. Gratitude is a massive part of my lifestyle, which I refer to in my work. I tend to make connections from wabi-sabi by encouraging sustainable fashion in some of my projects such as ‘collection’.

How did you get on shooting with the Lomography Color Negative ISO 800 & 400 films?

When shooting the Lomography 400 & 800 films, in the setting of natural lighting, I have achieved beautiful results. For me, Lomography is a cheaper alternative than other film stocks such as Kodak. Although Kodak Portra is a popular option for medium format, I also feel that Lomography’s results are just as good. I started off using Lomo 400 around this time last year, until recently trying Lomo 800. Both ISO ranges have always performed perfectly; the colour balance is true to real life- which is very important when shooting commissions for designers and brands.

"UNDO" & "Kickers & Native Youth" Photos by Katie Aird shot on the Lomography CN 400 120 film

What's coming up for you in 2022?

Having already received a publication, online exhibition and various commissions/collaborations 2022 has already been exciting. My portfolio and industry experience has worked up to the point of receiving continuous collaboration opportunities with other creatives. This includes fashion designers, MUAs (and hairstylist), creative directors, model agencies and brands. I am hoping to deliver more workshops and teaching resources this year, specifically drawing attention to the creatives in Manchester. The community of photography and creativity is important for me. I will also be reflecting more upon sustainability and diversity within the fashion industry; this is also an important area for me that I find necessary to draw attention to.

To see more of Katie's work, visit her website and Instagram page.

Itʼs Not Rocket Science 2021: Photography by Katie Aird, Creative direction+styling by Ona Greenwood, Model: Sam Andrews signed at Contact Creatives, Makeup and Hair Styling by Anna Cox, Editorial Assistance and BTS by Mariusz Malon, Editorial Copywriting by Megan Parrott .

UNDO: Model: Virginia Gianni, MUA: Anna Cox.

Kickers x Native Youth: Art Direction/styling Ona Greenwood, MUA / hair: Gabrielle Kaya,, Models: nesstlecereal and Kizcampbell.

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Lomography Color Negative 800 (120)

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