The Met Gala on Lomography Film by Dan Bassini


Whenever there is a big event going on in New York City, with the biggest names on the guest list, you can bet your favorite camera: Dan Bassini will be right out front with his Yashica T4, snapping the rich and famous.
The Vogue might have had Frank Ocean taking analog photos behind the scenes of the Met Gala this year, but we can always count on Dan Bassini to capture celebrities on Lomography Film.

Dan Bassini with Lomography CN 800 35mm

A little while ago, we told you about his series No Invite which already consists of five issues by now. But Dan Bassini doesn't get tired of sneaking into parties or catching celebrities outside venues for a good snapshot on film.
When the Metropolitan Museum of Art invited to New York's biggest event of the year, Bassini naturally showed up as well. Once again, without an invite, he found a way to sneak his pictures, this time on Lomography Color Negative 800 35mm Film.

Dan Bassini with Lomography CN 800 35mm
Every year I tell myself I’m going to try to get close to the biggest fashion event of the year, but was told by everyone in-the-know that it’s pretty difficult to get anywhere near The Met. This year I decided to finally give it a shot. Security and police had barricades up around five block radius and I had to follow a few groups of people through the barricades and found myself near the 81st Street side entrance to the museum. I bumped into a security guard I knew from past fashion weeks and schmoozed with him a bit; he didn’t mind me hanging around knowing I wasn’t a paparazzi.
Dan Bassini with Lomography CN 800 35mm
I didn’t really expect to get any photos of anyone famous but was going to focus on the weird stuff going on outside, such as people carrying Katy Perry’s chandelier dress across the street to a waiting box truck. Once the gala was over, people started pouring out and some of those people chose to leave out of the side exit where I was the only photographer outside.
I was feeling a little burnt out on fashion after all the effort it took to make No Invite Vol. 5, so getting these photos got me pumped again.
Dan Bassini with Lomography CN 800 35mm

Check out more of Dan Bassini's work on his website and follow him on his Instagram

written by birgitbuchart on 2019-05-17 #culture #people

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