The Deep Blue Sea — Claudia Cebrian and the LCA


Miami-based commercial and wedding photographer Claudia Cebrian shot dreamy underwater photos with the LCA. In this interview she tells us about what it's like to shoot in atypical environments.

©Claudia Cebrian

Tell the Lomo community a bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My family and I moved to the US in 2002, and it’s thanks to my professional success as a photographer that I was able to receive my residency.

©Claudia Cebrian

How did you first get into photography and why?

I was drawn to photography at an early age as a form of expression and communication. I loved taking courses that helped me to develop my skills and my eye for detail. Still to this day, I keep searching for courses that enhance my skills, and of course learning new techniques. I love doing editorial photography, something that started in my native Buenos Aires where my work was featured in numerous magazines which continues to this day. I’ve been fortunate that my work has transcended cultures and territorial borders to show expression and growth.

©Claudia Cebrian

Your photographs feel so personal and candid. Can you tell us the stories behind some of your favorites?

I love documentary and conceptual types of photography because it makes a statement, and for me the human experience is what inspires me and draws me to my subject. Case in point: symbols tell a story. My underwater photography with a suitcase is an example of that. It shows immigrants coming to a new world in which all they bring with them is a suitcase filled with their lives up to that point and with the hope that what it contains will catapult them into a new experience. I recall my father telling me of crossing the ocean on a vessel, and how his father hid and swam till it was safe to get onboard. Through these tales the image comes to life.

©Claudia Cebrian

What is your favorite thing about shooting underwater?

Water inspires me. It brings a sense of freedom and I see it as an element of healing. Shooting underwater is a medium not always chosen to tell a story. But for me, it makes it clear and a very expressive form.

©Claudia Cebrian

What main sources do you look to for inspiration?

Again, I’d have to go back to water and how it brings back memories of spending time at the seashore as a child, and sensing how water cleanses and it’s constantly re-generating. Water is beauty and brings a sense of peace and well-being.

©Claudia Cebrian

Photography-wise, what can we expect to see from you in the future?

Using my imagery to tell stories. And hoping the images connect with viewers on a personal and instinctive level.

If you like Claudia's work, check out her websites for her commercial photography and wedding photography.

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    This series is fantastic!

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    WIll be great to have all these photos in a lomohome!

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    Thank you for your comments.
    You can contact me and I can print the photos for you.. @claucebrianfotos

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