Wilson Lee Shoots for "The White Girl" with Lomography Art Lenses

Directed by Jenny Suen and Christopher Doyle, starring Japanese actor Joe Odagiri and Hong Kong artist Angela Yuen , the Hong Kong movie《The White Girl》 is currently showing in theatres. We invited photographer Wilson Lee to join the set for a day and use the New Jupiter 3+ and Petzval 85 art lenses to capture all the wonderful moments. This is also the first time for Wilson to shoot stills for films. He shared his first-time experience in this interview.

This is your first time shooting stills for a film. How was this experience? Were there any challenges?

It is never easy to take stills from films. For normal portrait, I can take control of the set and guide the model. However, I need to work with the production crew for movie stills. I think the biggest challenge is to avoid being captured on the screen when I was moving around for photos. The filming process would have to start over if I made that mistake.

Were there memorable or remarkable moments?

The most memorable moment must have been seeing Joe Odagiri in person as I have been watching his films and dramas since I was little. As I remember, the weather was so cold on that day, and Joe was only wearing a tank top. I really look up to his professionalism. And the following is the most satisfying photo I took that day.

Why would you choose to use the New Jupiter 3+ and Petzval 85 art lens for the shoot?

For taking such stills, usually, I stand far away from the actors. Therefore, I better choose lenses with longer focal length. I like the New Jupiter 3+ . It is light and portable, but it delivers remarkable image quality.

About The White Girl

After working together on a Hong Kong Trilogy, renowned cinematographer Christopher Doyle and first-time director Jenny Suen teamed up again for the visually and emotionally beguiling drama The White Girl. Born with a sun allergy, the White Girl lives in the disappearing fishing community of Pearl Village, and all she wants to do is escape. At night, she meets a mysterious Japanese outsider by the sea, and her world begins to grow bigger. Meanwhile, her only friend, an inquisitive young boy, catches on to the connection between the village chief and a group of visiting property developers.

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