Lomographic Color Studies: Pink

Ever so pleasing to the eyes is the color pink, a color befitting of flowers, where the white-subtly-tinted-in-red shade was derived from. Of course, the first we notice of the color is how it reminds us of the saccharine things in life -- like strawberry pops, milkshakes, gums, and candies -- beloved by those who keep his or her inner child. A positive color of charm, sweetness, childhood, and sensitivity.

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Pink's charming beauty can be seen in the unadulterated space. The iconic sakura of Japan, the streaks of coral across the sky, the salmon in sashimi, and sometimes, the blush of a flustered lover.

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But like all colors, there is a flip side to pink. Admittedly, it's a color often stereotyped for the female, seemingly soft and reserved. But just like women, pink is a color that knows how to stand out while continuing to own its personality. It can be loud and quiet, strong and soft, mysterious and charming all at the same time, a surprise that you won't ever see coming.

Sweetness can lead to frolicking, frolicking to seduction, as allegedly hinted in painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard's "The Swing" lady. The pink-cladded women in Rococo paintings are a breath of fresh air from the dark and modest fashions that went before. Moreover, a modern man who can pull off a dusty rose shirt is equally refreshing, too. As a fictional showstopping gentleman named Mercutio from Romeo and Juliet would say it, you're in the pink.

It's no wonder, that Rose Quartz and "Millennial Pink" continue to be ever popular throughout the 2010's. Think pink.

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