Lomographic Color Studies: Blue

It is impossible to find someone who dislikes the color blue. A color of nature embraced as the color of calm, cold, and subtlety. It's a color with different meanings according to each shade, but one thing is for sure -- it's the color of the cool.

Credits: -octobre, zorki, masha_njam, earlybird, jennson, welliamancio & shanti929

Blue -- everyone's favorite color. It's the color of the sky and sea. The infinite horizons.

They say that the farther the object is, the bluer it gets. Mysterious mountains become indigo-tinted, the void of the night, depths of the sky and sea -- phtalo blue or ultramarine.

The logic can sometimes apply to people, too. The cooler they are, the more distant they seem; and distance has always been beautiful. Humans love to be sad just as they love to be happy. If glee brings warmth to our hearts, melancholy enriches the soul. Doses of jazz and the blues are healthy every now and then.

Credits: vicuna, orangebird & alarm

We, humans, are wired to find safety and assurance in blue. Our eyes are reminded of the sky and sea, of the most familiar and constant things in this world. Lapis lazuli-eyed lovers mimic the effect, too.

We trust the heavens when we're lost; the ebb-and-tide of the sea when in distraught. Londoners are lucky to have a time-traveling police box frequenting their city every now and then. The Doctor always saves the day.

We trust in blue how citizenry of the past trusted their blue-blooded rulers for good governance; we trust in blue like how we trust a pair of denim jeans to complete outfits without becoming a sartorial disaster; We hold on to forget-me-nots from lovers of long-distant relationships.

It's why when we say "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue", the promise manifests to a sapphire ring.

With the color blue, you can never go wrong.

Credits: sarahkins, succubustime, hanspan, ehnis & natalieerachel

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