Some Unique Portrait Styles for Your Next Roll of Film


Bored with the usual bust or look book shots when taking portraits? Get creative with these tipsters using an analogue camera and your favorite film stock.

You can use multiple exposure techniques to add texture or elements in you portrait -- such as your identical twin, or take backshots for simplistic yet mysterious portraits, capture people 'in the middle of doing something', or take your head out of the pictures. With the analogue medium, the frame is your canvas.

Mirror twinning

Credits: domyblue, albeelee, earlybird, neja & lukebennett94

Bringing sexy back

Credits: danielnegreiros, kostas & lafilledeer

In medias res

Credits: fotoflix, kathepalacio, a_lion & why-yu

Going faceless

Credits: erikagrendel, earlybird, sobetion & ethermoon

2017-07-01 #tutorials #portraiture #portrait-photography #creative-photography

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