Newcomer of the Week: Pierre CARRERE (@cailloux)


Filled with interesting street scenes and marvelous architectures, Toulouse, France, serves as the muse of lomographer and law student Pierre CARRERE. To share his passion for photography, he created a group with fellow enthusiasts which held exhibits and meetups in his hometown. Get to know our featured newcomer in this interview.

Pierre CARRERE aka @cailloux

Name: Pierre CARRERE
LomoHome: @cailloux
Location: Toulouse, France.

Please tell us something about yourself and what you do.

My name is Pierre Carrere but everybody calls me Cailloux so it became my “photographer” name. I am 21 and I study law in France. I am passionate about street and architecture photography. For me, shooting is going outside, walking, and catching everything that you find cool which can be people, buildings and everything else. With some friends, I have created an association, CLIC-Photographie, to develop interest in photography with exhibitions, meetings, charitable works etc...

How did you find the Community and who/what convinced you to join?

I know of Lomography since I started taking photographs but I just recently discovered the community and I find the idea really cool. Trying to create dynamics into the film photography community is great. I first went to the website thanks to a good friend of mine who is also a great photographer (@franckgonnaud). He has been interviewed by Lomography France for a competition that he won and so I discovered his LomoHome and that was my first contact with the community.

Credits: cailloux

As you have read the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography, what rule do you apply in your everyday life?

In fact yes I’m doing my best to respect the first one (Take your camera everywhere you go), and the fourth one of course (Try the shot from the hip) and try to bring some originality every time.

In this digital age, why still film?

Because when you shoot film every picture has a story. Every film roll is an achievement. After finishing a roll, you still have to go to the dark room and do another big work. Unlike digital photography where you can shoot 100 pictures per hour without any problem, go back home and use your computer to create some magic out of nowhere. But in my study, I am using my computer everyday for hours and hours and in my free time I don’t really want to stand in front of it again.

And mostly it’s because there is no feeling with digital photography. When I started to take interest in photography, I began shooting with a digital camera. I enjoyed it well and learned a lot of things about photography. When I started with film photography, I can’t shoot digital again since I don’t enjoy it anymore. Using a digital camera is not photography for me---there is no value in what you’re doing. So like we say #BuyFilmNotMegapixels.

Credits: cailloux

Your favorite analog camera as of the moment? Why?

Right now, I am mostly using my Leica M6. It's an amazing camera that brings a particular feeling when you're holding it. You know you have a part of history in your hands and it will follow you wherever you go and help you bring some amazing shots.

I also have an Olympus Trip 35 and a Diana F+. I really like the Diana since you don’t have to take care of every thing, every time. You just go out, shoot how you want, and see what amazing stuff you get after. This is my only medium format camera right now and I like it! I like the philosophy behind this camera! And that’s my first film camera that I got in 2013 or 2014. Since that day, digital photography is just 5% of my work.

What is the Lomographic camera you’d want to have someday?

I am really mad about the Belair X 6-12 City Slicker and the Horizon Perfekt. I have a big interest in panoramic photography and I want to try it. I think that panorama is the most beautiful format ever. I think that’s difficult to understand but I have seen some people making some magic with this format. But I may prefer the Belair for the sake of convenience since you can dismount it and take it where ever you want. I am not shooting enough 120 right now and I want to start some project with it.

Any song, book, or movie you live by?

Not really. I have nothing that I really follow. It's like when I am shooting I just “roam” and see what’s happening!

Credits: cailloux

Share your current favorite Lomograph, could be yours or a friend’s. Why?

Without no doubt, photos by @franckgonnaud. I really appreciate him in real life and he often helps me when I have some problems with technical stuff. And I really think he is an amazing photographer, made some crazy shot in Asia, all around the word, and in my home town Toulouse.

Any Community member you look up to? If so, why him or her?

@mot11, because I just discovered his account and I have the project in mind to shoot in Japan. Indeed this country is amazing for its rich photography history and the beautiful streets that I want to explore.

What are you looking forward to in our Community?

Maybe the ability to buy pictures because I think that paper is the way that photography need to be done and I found a lot of pictures by some Lomographers that I wanted to buy.

Thank you Pierre for sharing your thoughts with us! Welcome to the Community and we're looking forward to seeing your future work!

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