Usual Scenes of the Wistful & Pensive

In real life, we can only perceive one image at a time, and the aesthetic usually depends on people.

When one feels conflicted, aggravated or stressed and has to calm down and rest, pondering over abstract concepts and ideas, recalling past events, reminiscing his whole life, or when he’s about to make a big, life-changing decision, he would usually sit down by a corner and allow his eyes to gaze upon the mundane yet most contemplative scenes and images.

Here are some of those images that we usually perceive whenever we enter such state, as photographed by the Lomography community.

Thoughts through the windows

Credits: kleinerkaries, disdis, ginnys, vicuna, mephisto19 & duque

Brooding over drinks

Credits: kleeblatt, fayeusokoi, sommarboken, lafilledeer & natalieerachel

Musings from the walls

Credits: thufflife, mylatehope, kekskonstrukt & elelostdog

Detailed and grounded introspection

Credits: oldyellowsuitcase, grazie, emperornorton, atleastafuckingninja, polkaroo & vicuna

Abstraction of rain

Credits: zorki, ryszardl70, samokhvalov, andradapavel & seb_d

2016-12-03 #culture #art-photography #conceptual-photography #creative-photography

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