Sophie Fontaine's Poetic Photographs


The young French photographer combines poetry and photography to create a style to call her own.

Certain words come to mind upon seeing the work of French photographer Sophie Fontaine: delicate, soft, nostalgic, odd, calm, even whimsical. Based in Nancy, France, Fontaine noticeably often sets her work in nature and in cozy homes and styles her subjects in rather unusual ways: their faces hidden either partly or fully, their bodies contorted into unnatural poses. Sometimes, she also experiments with techniques such as double exposure.

Photos by Sophie Fontaine

In an interview, Fontaine described her photographs as “a collect[ion] of memories and poetic thoughts.”

Photos by Sophie Fontaine

Fontaine works mostly in analog, particularly on 35mm and instant film.

All photographs in this article were sourced from Sophie Fontaine’s portfolio on Flickr and used here with permission. To see more of her work, please visit her Flickr portfolio, Tumblr and Facebook page. Stay tuned for our interview with her!

written by Julien Matabuena on 2015-07-23 #people #lifestyle #artist-feature #sophie-fontaine

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