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Introduced in 1977, the Agfamatic 6008 (also known as Agfamatic 6008 Makro Pocket Sensor) was touted as the top of the line model in Agfa's compact viewfinder cameras for 110 pocket film.

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The main feature of this handy camera is its macro photography capability through a close-up lens which can be slid in front of its fast Solinar S 2.7 multi-coated lens. This close-up capability is also supported by a bright viewfinder that shows green parallax marks. However, the Agfamatic 6008 also has a push-pull frame advance mechanism that shifts aside the close-up lens window, making it necessary to close the sliding window per frame advance then reopening the camera if you want to make succeeding macro shots.

The Agfamatic 6008 also has automatic exposure, its CdS-controlled electronic shutter and aperture setting requiring the power of three PX625 or similar 1.5V batteries. Shutter speed ranges from 15 sec to 1/1000 sec, with a red/green indicator in the viewfinder telling if the speed is faster or slower than 1/30 sec. This 110 camera is also equipped with a thumb wheel selector displaying distance in meters -- the long end of the pointer indicated distance while the shorter endpoints on corresponding distance symbols (which are also displayed on the viewfinder). Next to this thumbwheel selector is the bright red shutter button, which is Agfa's signature "sensor" shutter release.

It can also be used with flipflashes through a connector, and an Agfamatic Pocket Lux electronic flash gun through a special hot shoe on the side.

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Technical Specifications

Type: Fully automatic pocket camera
Film: Pocket cartridge (110) for 12 or 20 exposures, negative size 13 × 17 mm
Lens: Agfa Color-Solinar S 2.7 / 26 mm, 4 lens element with a multi-layer coating (MC); Range 0.50 m to infinity; 4 distance symbols
Shutter: Electronic shutter 1/1000 to 15 seconds
Automatic Exposure Control: Fully automatic and continuous control of exposure times and apertures; Power supply 3 button-type cells Varta 4626 / V 625 U or Mallory RM 625 N / PX 625 N / PX 625 or UK EPX 625
Exposure check: Red/Green signal in the viewfinder; Green signal 1/30 - 1/1000 sec (short-time range); Red signal 1/30 - 15 seconds (long-time range)
Viewfinder: Crystal bright-line viewfinder, reflected distance symbols, automatic parallax compensation up to 0.50 m; Green macro markings for close-up shots from 0.48 to 0.25 m, automatic parallax compensation also active for close-up shots
Close-ups: Movable macro lens for the range 0.48 to 0.25 m
Flash operation: Socket for top flash/flipflash (piezo-electric flash ignition)
Film Speed: 19/20 and 27 DIN, 64/80 and 400 ASA
Extras: Self-timer with delay of approx. 10 sec, red indicator on the front side of camera for checking self-timer and long-time exposures; Metal carrying chain, which also serves as a measuring chain for close-up shots (0.25 m)
Accessories: Ever-ready case; electronic flash unit Agfamatic Pocket Lux 560
Dimensions: 132 × 56 × 30.5 mm; Weight: 225 g

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