Simple Color Gels or Filters Holder for the Diana Mini's Flash

2014-04-25 1

I’ve always been looking for a really simple solution to hold my color gels of my Diana Mini’s flash WITH the camera and make them easy to grab when I want to use them. I also wanted something to keep them from getting damaged. Let me show you how I found a simple way to make it.

I love the effects you can obtain with the flash and the color gels of the *Diana Mini*. But looking for your precious tiny gels in your bag or pocket with your clumsy fingers at a party to take some spontaneous pictures is a bit annoying… isn’t it? I was afraid to lose some of them, too and I noticed that when I use one, I often keep the same color for the rest of the pictures because it takes too long to change the gel.

So I thought about a solution to make them handy. And here’s what I came up with. All you need are:

  1. Your Diana Mini camera
  2. A 30cm thin ribbon
  3. Your colour gels
  4. A puncher
  5. Maybe a bit of transparent tape and a scissor

Firstly, I punched the gels to make a hole at the top of them. Be careful to leave enough plastic around the hole just to be safe. (I did that point pretty fast, so I had to strengthen the hold with tape and punch it again.)

Then punch the little pocket where you’re storing your color gels, so when you don’t use the gels, they will remain safe.

Finally arrange your gels in a “color order” on your ribbon, put the little pocket at the end and fasten the ribbon at the camera!

And there you are!

You can even use two gels at the same time to mix the colours in a picture. I also adapted this trick to keep the cap and avoid losing it

I wish you some nice party shots! ;)

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