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I’m glad to introduce our Jordan Marzuki, the creative director of BalletCats, and his most recent project. He recently put together a stunning LomoKino movie, inspired by Czech and Polish cinema, entitled Lékárník. Get to know more about Jordan and his cinematic adventures!

Image from The BalletCats

Name: Jordan Marzuki
Title: Creative Director of The BalletCats
City: Jakarta, Indonesia

Lékárník by Jordan Marzuki

First of all, please tell us a little bit about yourself.
I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am Jakarta based illustrator, designer and a creative director of a brand called The BalletCats a brand that emphasize on cats related product design, and I love cats! Beside do designs, I’m keen on creating short film in my extra time, from fashion, travels to experimental. 

Images from The BalletCats

Where/or what do you draw inspiration from for your works?
I try to get inspiration that doesn’t even relate to my area of interest. But one thing that has been an influential of my works was movie directors. Stanley Kubrick, David Croenenberg, Michael Haneke, David Lynch, Coen Brothers, and Quentin Tarantino. Every directors I mentioned has own method and style on how they tell stories in the most eccentric way but very consistent and never derailed from their original track. It was inspired me on how I do and finish my works, not only on making shorts, but also illustrations, designs, and non-artistic related things in life.

Tell us about your short film, Lékárník. What is it about?
My new shorts called Lékárník it was a Czech for “The Pharmacist”. This was my my homage to Czech and Polish cinema back in the 60-70s. I really loved their films because of how visually poetic and philosophical narration they had, even for the sleaziest film it was still made with a touch of intelligent presentation. Lékárník itself is my version of “all works no play makes jack a dull boy” kind of film. When a profession consumes the life of a man. When a life of a middle aged men whose dreams has been fulfilled and a passion of life has been degraded.

Image from The BalletCats

For the short film, which film did you decide to LomoKino with? Why?
Probably the one that I able to experiment with, by the mean of that, it is the move that don’t have any dialogues. The LomoKino works like stop-motions. It able to create unlimited film magics just like the good old days! 

What did you find most interesting creating a short film with the LomoKino?
I’ve used digitals all along, and LomoKino is actually my first analog motion camera. I’ve learned a lot on how hard film makers back in the days when digitals are not yet invented. One of the beautiful features of LomoKino is the crank handle. It such a good experience, that sometimes I felt like Eadweard Muybridge!

If you had to describe the LomoKino in five words, what would they be?
Naive, exquisite, tangible, social, and sleek.

Image from The BalletCats

What makes analogue special?
First, It was the quality that is timeless. Compared to the digital videos that probably using digital filters that will be getting old in the next few days. Last, the art of ‘do not what to expect’ in a good way, of course.

If you could photograph anyone, living or deceased, who would it be?
Mona Lisa. I always wondered how she would look in a picture if I played with cross processing my film or experimenting with double exposures!

Images from The BalletCats

If you could go anywhere in the world with your LomoKino and a bag of film, where would you go?
I want my LomoKino to travel with me to the countries in the African Continent, Middle East and Latin America. Probably I can follow the path of Burton Holmes someday, present all of my Lomokino film archives in an old classic theater. ;)

LomoKino made me more social when traveling. Locals and other travelers always curious with the kind of beautiful camera I shot with. Especially when I start to crank the handle, they couldn’t believe if it’s fully functional camera.

Credits: ruly, peach0303 & appelmoes

What are your upcoming plans? (personal, working, creative projects)
I have to cuts several projects because right now I’m focusing on my study plan in The Netherlands. But, I still have the ambition to create full feature film in mind. Probably if the Kickstarter project website open internationally, I will initiate a project there to fundraise my film project, wish me luck!

Last but not least, do you have any tips and tricks to share for our LomoKino beginners?
Because i’m a beginner as well, but I have some tips that hopefully useful for everyone’s LomoKino projects. After shoot a scene from your storyboard, always shoot alternate, no matter how random or even if it’s not on your storyboard, it will be useful soon or later!

You can find more of Jordan Marzuki’s works at The BalletCats and The BalletCats Facebook Page. Be sure to check them out and perhaps strike a conversation with him and make a new Lomography Community friend!

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    I love the BalletCats!!! :D :D

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    haha, awesome, didn't know he was in the lomo community. My 'entire cat population' sweater just got shipped this week, awesomepants

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    Yes, very awesome film and sweaters :)!

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