LomoKino Trailer: Strange Adventures of Knight Cominson

A group of LomoKino amigos banded together to create something good. Here’s a short trailer to an upcoming LomoKino documentary from Slovakia. So, who is Knight Cominson?

LomoKino amigos from Slovakia decided to shoot not one LomoKino movie, but a whole series of documentaries shot on our special camera. As it is not an easy task, amigos formed a team consisting of only the best. *Michal Babinec* – a skilled cameraman currently studying in Madrid at the famous ECAM cinematography university, *Pepe Ehrenberger* – a director & researcher of the phenomenal world living in Paris, Erik Binder – an internationally respected creative artist currently in Prague, and last but not least, the infamous Martin Porubovič a.k.a. Holub – a technical type which is a must on the set.

Here’s the trailer:

✘ Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/34629939

The aim of the series is to discover who is Knight Cominson and what is his message to the world. So who is this guy? Some say he is an influential poet, others believe he is the cousin of ghost dog, lonesome kung-fu warrior, he was also described as the guru of street art. Lets see what our LomoAmigos will document for us so stay tuned.

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