• My first photo-exhibition :) Diana Baby / 110 film (16mm)

    written by yerzmyey on 2014-10-13
    My first photo-exhibition :) Diana Baby / 110 film (16mm)

    OK then, so my first photo-exhibition took a place in “Stanczyk” Gallery of Art, in Krakow. It is exhibited since 7 to 24.10.2014, but the official opening was in Saturday (11.10.2014).

  • 2014 Yerzmyey in Japan (DIANA MINI)

    written by yerzmyey on 2014-10-03
    2014 Yerzmyey in Japan (DIANA MINI)

    27 September 2014. For several days I was in Japan (Tokyo) because I was playing a chiptune/micromusic concert there. You can find entire video from the concert here, by the way ;)

  • 2014 - the first test of DIANA F+

    written by yerzmyey on 2014-07-13
    2014 - the first test of DIANA F+

    01.06.2014 - Owczary village. It was my very first test ever ;) of my latest asset - brand new Lomography DIANA F+. I bought it from our local Lomography distributor, because I didn't wanted any 'second hand' machine, You know. Well, the new device is better & safer, and also - it's a good thing to support the company that makes so much for analogue photography world, I think.

  • Why Diana Baby is *better* than Yashica MF2 ;)

    written by yerzmyey on 2014-07-03
    Why Diana Baby is *better* than Yashica MF2 ;)

    June 2014, Nieciecza village. Lo-fi photos (16 mm film) from Lomography DIANA BABY 110. Well, the film was expired/outdated, 'cause this time I used some 110 film for my lo-fi photography adventures. Hence not too much of contrast (cry, cry!!!) but also - hence some most strange effects. What I mean exactly - some round light-flares on several photos, hehe. But they look so bizarre that finally I decided to leave the photos in the collection after all. ;) Sometimes they look like kinda UFO or some "strange second sun". ;) Anyway I didn't make the effect by purpose and now I even wouldn't know how to replicate it later, haha. ;) Anyway, it passed almost a year since I took last time the DIANA BABY in my hands, so I have to admit this lomo-trip was really nice & pleasant.

  • Just several random shots. :)

    written by yerzmyey on 2014-05-13
    Just several random shots. :)

    And no - I don't mean drinking vodka-shots. ;) At least: not at the moment, hahahahah! ;)

  • A misty day in Germany (DIANA MINI)

    written by yerzmyey on 2014-04-14
    A misty day in Germany (DIANA MINI)

    So, my first real lomo-walk this year. I've been in Germany, in Mahlerts. It has very nice landscapes however the Spring was still early and the day was misty - which You can notice on the photos. But if all photos in the world would have been taken in full sun - it might be a bit boring, don't You think? ;)

  • Light’n’Shadowzzz with DIANA BABY (and a GHOST!!!!)

    written by yerzmyey on 2013-09-10
    Light’n’Shadowzzz with DIANA BABY (and a GHOST!!!!)

    11.08.2013 - another lo-fi photography album made with my beloved DIANA BABY 110 micro-camera in Grabowki. This time I used the the Orca 16mm b&w film from Lomography. It gives a really vintage feeling to the photos.

  • For 110 film maniax: Minolta 110 Zoom SLR Mark II

    written by yerzmyey on 2013-09-08

    No photos this time, 'cause I've just bought this new camera of mine. Yeeeeeees yes yes yes, I promised to myself and to everybody else that THIS IS THE END, no more new cameras!! ;) ;) ;) But You know the lomography phenomenon. ;) When You start once… You cannot restrain Yourself - and can't stop buying new stuff, films, cameras and so on, hahahhaa. ;)

  • 2013 Krzyztopor Castle (DIANA MINI)

    written by yerzmyey on 2013-08-29
    2013 Krzyztopor Castle (DIANA MINI)

    Let’s make a little break (a poem!! ;) ;) ;) ) in the Diana Baby series. But we will stay in the DIANA world and Austrian stuff related with analogue photography. So – this time – my beloved Lomography DIANA MINI and – the first time for me – Lomography film - 100/36 Colorneg.

  • 2013 Castle on microfilm (DIANA BABY)

    written by yerzmyey on 2013-08-21
    2013 Castle on microfilm (DIANA BABY)

    Yyyyyyyeeeeeeah, finally the lab returned to me my films and photos I made recently in various places of PL, using the excellent Lomography DIANA BABY camera! :)

  • Instead of the BLOG entry..... ;) A surprise. ;)

    written by yerzmyey on 2013-08-12

    Well, today - instead of a blog entry - I give You my small article in the Lomography Magazine, regarding lo-fi photography with Baby/110 series or Lomography cameras and the Peacock X-Pro 110 film. :)

  • Classic photography & retro-computing? :)

    written by yerzmyey on 2013-08-03
    Classic photography & retro-computing? :)

    There is activity similar to lomography but it exist in the world of computers. Lomographers prefer to use classic cameras to get the oldschool feeling and results, instead of modern digital cameras. They enjoy using old machines or their modern clones. But the same goes to the computer world ( (C) by Kraftwerk, hehehe). There are maaaany people who use modern PCs and Macs only for work. And for their art or hobby activity - they use only and exclusively computers from 80s and early 90s – ZX Spectrum, Atari XL/XE, Commodore 64, Atari ST, Amiga and so on. And their modern clones (still being produced).

  • 2013 LO-FI Photography Part 2 (DIANA BABY)

    written by yerzmyey on 2013-07-31
    2013 LO-FI Photography Part 2 (DIANA BABY)

    OK then, here they are - my new lo-fi photos made with Lomography Diana Baby. The story behind this album is a bit strange. First – I went for a lomo-walk (obviously ;) ). I wanted to check out how the civilization destroyed the part of Krakow that I was in before, something like 7 years ago (Krakow-Podgorze).

  • 2013 CASTLES Part 2 (Beirette SL 100N)

    written by yerzmyey on 2013-07-16
    2013 CASTLES Part 2 (Beirette SL 100N)

    Now, when I know how to use The Plastic Lovely Beast from East Germany - the Beirette SL 100N - I like to use it more often. The photos are pretty OK (I hope You like them ;) ) and also the machine attracts looks of people because it's so plastic, so red and so square! :) It looks like a toy although simultaneously it makes really nice photos. :)

  • German King of "Totally Plastic Cameras from 80s"!!

    written by yerzmyey on 2013-07-11
    German King of "Totally Plastic Cameras from 80s"!!

    OK, so I simply wasn't able to leave my "German King of Totally Plastic Cameras from 80s" alone. ;) It seemed like my beloved Beirette SL 100N was broken or something but still ONE photo from the previous roll was OK! So maybe I let the film get exposed to too much light after all, while loading it?

  • A new LOMO-walk: Ogrodzieniec Castle (LOMO Smena 8M)

    written by yerzmyey on 2013-07-08
    A new LOMO-walk: Ogrodzieniec Castle (LOMO Smena 8M)

    Yesterday (07.07.2013) we went to the Ogrodzieniec Castle to make some photos because it's a really beautiful place.

  • Wow, that was quick. Diana Baby photos are ready.

    written by yerzmyey on 2013-06-24
    Wow, that was quick. Diana Baby photos are ready.

    Well, the lab managed to process the photos today, already. :)

  • "Test drive" for my DIANA BABY ;)

    written by yerzmyey on 2013-06-23

    OK then - today I finally made a test-drive for my Lomography Diana Baby! ;)

  • A new/old album - "1988 Tatra Mountains LOMO-Archeologic excavations (LOMO Smena 8M)"

    written by yerzmyey on 2013-06-21

    Well, nothing new this time but... here it is ;)

  • My battles with Beirette SL 100N camera ;)

    written by yerzmyey on 2013-06-13

    Hi guyz & girls. ;) Today it's time for reminding You the German total-plastic masterpiece - the Beirette SL 100N camera! :)