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  • NDSM: Creative Amsterdam

    written by -alia- on 2011-01-09 #places
    NDSM: Creative Amsterdam

    NDSM is a former shipyard in north Amsterdam and is the center for alternative culture these days. This vast area of 84,000 m2 makes up the NDSM Hall, workshops and artistic studios along with two big dimension cranes and two huge ship slipways.

  • Kodak 400TX

    written by -alia- on 2011-02-24 #gear
    Kodak 400TX

    The renowned Kodak 400TX is a high-speed panchromatic film released in 1954 for 35mm and 120mm format. Perfect for scenarios that require good DOF and fast shutter speeds. It is idyllic for push processing and for extending the distance range for flash pictures.