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  • Black and White Paris

    written by joaomiguelsantoscunha on 2012-08-27 #places
    Black and White Paris

    I have spent ten months in Paris participating in the exchange program called Erasmus. I knew before going, that Paris is an amazing and beautiful city. I had been there before and I have already wrote about my favorite places in Paris, but this time, let me show something a little different...Have a look!

  • The Paris I Love

    written by joaomiguelsantoscunha on 2012-05-18 #places
    The Paris I Love

    Everybody has once thought about going to Paris, walking on its streets, sitting at the gardens or at the famous bistrots and, of course, taking a tour of the Eiffel Tower. I've been dreaming about Paris for a long time, and how amazing would it be to live there? A friend of mine calls it: the ancient capital of the modern world. I worked my way to Paris and finally got the opportunity to come and study here. Now, after 8 months, I can say that there is no place on Earth like it, this city makes everyone different.