1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Dream stadium to watch el classico. btw how much the ticket price at this spot?

  2. oriolphotography
    oriolphotography ·

    @hervinsyah it depends a lot on the match, this was a Barça-Getafe (6-1!) and probably the cost for this location could be around 60 or 70 Euros. For a Champions League match this could be the double. Fortunately I got two free tickets from a friend, can you imagine how many rolls of film you can have for such this price? ;)

  3. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    8D luuuucky youuuu, sir =) for loser Barca glory hunter fans like me, I'll spend all my saving account for watch el classico or if Barca get in final at San Siro this season, but I could only paid for the ticket and should sleep on the street without eat LOL T3T haha sorry I'm too much typing, thanks for the info and have a nice day ^_^

  4. oriolphotography
    oriolphotography ·

    Now you will be jealous... I got a pass for more than 5 years and I could watch all the Clasicos and Champions League matches. I still remember a Barça 2 - Milan 1 with a last minute goal from Ronaldinho, or a Barça 4 - Arsenal 1 with 4 goals from Messi. When you are lucky to see one of these matches then I must admit it can be worth the price of the ticket!

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