September 2011, s0y and I went on a short city trip to Ukraine to visit the area surrounding Chernobyl, the 30 km exclusion zone, the ghost town Prypjat and of course we also explored Kiev, with it's over the top bling churches and Ladas everywhere. It was exhausting, bizarre, extreme, beautiful, eerie, intense and really worth it.

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  1. samwise_camus
    samwise_camus ·

    Your Chernobyl album is incredible, you are so lucky to have been able to go. These photos never cease to amaze me, and then give me the creeps!

  2. pinkpix
    pinkpix ·

    @samwise_camus It was a dream and a nightmare to be there, but I can definitely recommend it to anyone with a fascination for post-apocalyptic scenes. And thank you for liking my album, that's always so nice to hear

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