Rollei Crossbird 35mm Film


Looking for a cheap to process cross process film that will give constant & impressive results? Look no further than Rollei Crossbird! Available in 35mm or 120! Feel the greens, the blues, the yellows… a true Lomo experience.

Back in the middle of 2010 I was in my local photo lab looking at films. Having only ever really used colour negative film in my LC-A I was keen to give cross processing a try… but in all honestly I didn’t want to sound like a fool to the cute dude into photo lab. So on this particular day I saw the Rollei Crossbird film thought the glass refrigerator door and was intrigued. I had read about Rollei’s legendary range of black & white films, known for their quality and use by professional photographers. I decided to take a chance & brought my first roll of Crossbird.

Now, to start with, from the get go Rollei has all intentions of you cross processing this film. It even states ‘Process C-41’ on the canister. I found this brilliant, since it means you can even fool your local photo lab into not charging you extra for cross processing.

With my LC-A loaded up with Crossbird I headed out into the lovely Victorian country side to record a lovely warm autumn day.

The results were amazing. If I was to fault the film a little it would be that the film results were a little dark in parts, but this may also be from my LC-A. Colour-wise expect strong greens, blues & shadows when shooting outside in sunlight, when shooting inside or in minimal light expect warm yellow tones. I can see Rollei Crossbird become one of my favorite films, it’s easy to use, cheap to process & you are always guaranteed rich colours with an amazing cross processed feel to your photos.

Rollei Crossbird is now available in the Lomography Shop.

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  1. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    so great the label says C-41, good thinking by Rollei :D

  2. milkandmiel
    milkandmiel ·

    I was so impressed by the C-41 labelling by Rollei, it's good to know that they do want you to x-pro it. :-)

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