Recap: A La Sardina Double Exposure Lomowalk with The Minilab


We recently teamed up with The Minilab, an independent processing lab based in Northampton, for a very special Lomoschool Lomowalk focusing on double exposures using the La Sardina camera. We offered some valuable tips and tricks on getting the best results when using the handy MX button, and then Maks from The Minilab took us around Abington Park to put these new-found skills to the test. In this article the participants share some of their wonderful results and their thoughts with us.

Photos by Alec Pain

"I was genuinely surprised by the photographs. The plastic lens was extremely good in good light and I shot double exposures for the first time in my life, so that was a great learning experience. I shoot more traditional photographs and this was liberating. I have a Bronica RF Medium format camera that has a multiple exposure function I have never used. I am going to try this out and have more fun, so thank you for that!" - Rajat

Photos by Maks & Hannah Brown

"The Sardina camera was so wide! I think I loved the close up lens the most – there was more focus on the portraits I too, but it was such a light camera. I wish I’d actually done more doubles! The results were mixed but I think that was mainly to do with forgetting to turn the lens back to wide. It was great to talk with others on the walk but also that Abington Park was such a great place for Street photography." - Alec Pain from The Daily Holga

Rajat, Steven James Barnett

"I'd like to try the LomoApparat next, or try one of those fancy lenses that Lomography do. I’ll try and organise a Daily Holga walk – or maybe a Studio shoot with Holga – one of these days!" – Alec Pain from The Daily Holga

Steven James Barnett & Sue Vinney

"Just wanted to thank you for the Lomography session. I really enjoyed it. It was nice to just play again with photography in the company of like minded photographers. I was really happy with multiple exposures. The session revived my passion for creative photography and I am looking into maybe buying a Diana and experimenting with medium format and pinhole." - Sue Vinney

Thanks to everyone for taking part and thanks to The Minilab Northampton for helping us oganise this great event!

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