Lomography Partners: Nurum of Jakarta, Indonesia

Come one, come all. Lomography has partners all over the world to help serve your analogue needs. If you're in Indonesia then it's your lucky day! We're speaking to the team at Jakarta-based Nurum in today's instalment of Lomography Partners.

Photos by Nurum

Can you introduce yourselves to the Lomography community? Please tell us about yourselves and what you do.

Nurum is a creative collective that comprises four talented individuals: Sapta Hudaya, Tessi Ananditya, Dominicus Wiweko, and Yenny Sanjaya. Before forming Nurum, Sapta and Tessi had already established Wash & Burn, a specialized facility for darkroom work, including film processing and wet printing.

At Nurum, one of the primary functions is to provide a platform for exhibitions. The space serves as a gallery where artists can showcase their work, allowing for the presentation of photography, prints, and other visual art forms.

Furthermore, Nurum offers alternative print workshops, where individuals can explore old printing techniques (cyanotype, salt prints, etc) and experiment with various materials to create unique artworks. These workshops provide a learning environment for both beginners and experienced artists to enhance their skills and knowledge.

In addition to exhibition spaces and workshops, Nurum houses a film processing lab. All of the film received is processed manually in the darkroom, so modification in processing is available (film soups are welcome!) We try to facilitate all ranges of film from 110 to 4x5, C-41, black and white to E6.

Nurum remains committed to its roots in darkroom work, continuing to offer wet printing services. This dedication to traditional darkroom techniques ensures that artists can access the resources and expertise needed to produce high-quality photographic prints through traditional methods.

In summary, Nurum is a versatile creative space. It serves as an exhibition platform, a hub for alternative print workshops, a film processing lab, and a facility for traditional wet printing, all designed to support and nurture artistic endeavors in the realm of photography and visual arts.

Photos by Nurum

What’s your favorite part of your job?

One of the most exhilarating aspects of Nurum's journey is the opportunity to continuously connect with new people. These interactions infuse the collective with energy, fresh perspectives, and a wealth of innovative ideas. Building a network of like-minded individuals, artists, and enthusiasts has been an invaluable asset to Nurum's growth and development.

The diverse encounters with fellow artists, photographers, and creatives not only inspire the team but also foster collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas. These interactions often lead to unexpected and exciting creative projects.

Moreover, there's an undeniable sense of fulfillment that comes from seeing customers genuinely satisfied with their processed prints. Knowing that our work has contributed to someone else's artistic journey is a source of pride for the Nurum team. It reinforces our commitment to providing services and support for the analogue community.

In essence, Nurum's passion for photography and the visual arts extends far beyond the technical aspects of film processing and printing. It's about the shared experiences, the exchange of ideas, and the joy that comes from enriching the artistic lives of others. This combination of creative exploration, networking, and customer satisfaction is what makes Nurum a thriving and dynamic space in the scene of analogue community.

What’s the hardest part about it?

Maintaining a consistent schedule can indeed be one of the most challenging aspects of running a creative workshop space like Nurum. Since many workshops and events tend to be scheduled on weekends when participants are available, it can be a logistical puzzle to ensure everything runs smoothly. This challenge requires a dedicated and well-organized approach.

Photos by Nurum

Who or what inspires you?

Domi: Saul Leiter, Jonathan Canlas, Fred Herzog, Alec Soth.

Sapta: James Nachtwey, Trent Parke, Ansel Adams, Kit Young, Jan Schlegel.

Tessi: Imogen Cunningham.

Yenny: Annie Leibovitz, Eugenio Recuenco.

Do you have a favorite memory, or a moment that stands out, from running your business over the years?

Our customers vary. Beside selling film photography supplies, we also provide film photography courses. We met all kinds of random workshops participants, from school kids, mothers and daughters, fathers and daughters, even actors have joined our workshops.

Do you have any future plans for the store or projects you’re working on that you can tell us about?

Nurum's long-term vision is to establish its own gallery and studio. It’s ambitious, but we’re looking forward to connecting Indonesian photographers with international galleries. To reach that goal we’re now continuously collaborating with local artists and encouraging them to engage with Nurum either for exhibitions, workshops, and residency programs. Hopefully this can highlight the diverse talent that Indonesian photographers have.

Photos by Nurum

Do you have a favorite Lomography product?

Domi: Lomography Color Negative 800, LomoChrome Metropolis.

Sapta: Lomography Color Negative 400, Earl Grey B&W ISO 100.

Yenny: Potsdam Kino B&W ISO 100 and Berlin Kino B&W ISO 400.

Tessi: Lomo LC-A+.

Photos by Nurum

What do you love most about living and working in Jakarta? Do you have any favorite spots for photography?

Sapta: I love to walk around in traditional markets, sometimes going to the port, or any kind of sub-urban scenery around the city to capture what I encounter.

Tessi: There’s always something random in the news everyday. Life can be fast – it feels like playing a video game trying to finish one challenge/mission after another. It’s a love-hate relationship. I like exploring narrow alleyways to take pictures.

Yenny: Jakarta is a big city. I love working and living here because of the tension. I'm a product photographer so I often take photos inside the studio. However, if I have to choose, my favorite place for photography has to be Kota Tua. I love the architecture and the vibe.

Domi: Old City Glodok, and night time at the MRT track.

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