Reimann Pembroke's First Impressions Scanning with the DigitaLIZA+ and DigitaLIZA MAX

We're putting our new scanning kit DigitaLIZA+ and DigitaLIZA MAX to the test with the help of our community members. Kansas City-based photographer and cinematographer Reimann Pembroke is here to tell us about what he thought of the experience, as well as sharing his scans. Be sure to check out his video review to follow his whole process.

Hi Reimann! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi there! I’m Reimann Pembroke. I’m a photographer and cinematographer currently based in the Kansas City area. I also have been running my YouTube channel that I started in 2021. This channel has been mainly devoted to my personal film photography work, some of my short films, and experimental video work.

What did you first think of the DigitaLIZA+/MAX when you received it?

I thought the design was great and I was initially most impressed by how well all the parts fit together.

Taken by Reimann Pembroke | Scanned with the DigitaLIZA+ and DigitaLIZA MAX

How did you find the setup process?

I thought the setup process was very intuitive! I actually set up the kit by myself first and went back to the directions to see if I did it right and I did everything correctly!

Which format(s) did you scan? How did you scan them (DSLR or smartphone), and about how long did it take per roll?

I scanned both 35 mm film and 6x6 120 film. I scanned using my Sony A7III and a vintage Vivitar Komine 55 mm f/2.8 macro lens. I also used a tripod to hold my camera over the DigitaLIZA setup. I think it probably took me about 3-5 minutes to scan a whole roll of 36 images. If I was working with an uncut roll of film, I could probably scan the whole roll in 1 minute.

Taken by Reimann Pembroke | Scanned with the DigitaLIZA+ and DigitaLIZA MAX

Are there features and abilities you’d like to highlight?

There are a few features I really like! The built in light source, the different film masks, and the built in spirit level to name a few.

Does the DigitaLIZA+ and DigitaLIZA MAX provide anything that other home scanners don’t? How do these scans differ?

I think the DigitaLIZA+ and DigitaLIZA MAX offer a couple things that I haven't seen on some of the other scanning kits/film carriers. The built-in level is super handy for making sure you are working on a perfectly flat surface. The ability to scan negatives with the sprocket holes is nice for people who want that look. Also, the added diffusion layer that comes with the kit for scanning panoramic images is a very welcome inclusion.

Taken by Reimann Pembroke | Scanned with the DigitaLIZA+ and DigitaLIZA MAX

Any tips or tricks you picked up with the scanner that you’d like to share?

If you are scanning 35 mm film, I think scanning will be the easiest and quickest if you scan your full uncut roll. This will ensure the film runs through the film carrier flat throughout and will prevent you from having to stop, switch film strips, and then continue again.

Taken by Reimann Pembroke | Scanned with the DigitaLIZA+ and DigitaLIZA MAX

Would you recommend this system to anyone specifically?

I think this kit would be perfect for anyone just starting out with film scanning or someone who has been scanning with a less expensive flatbed for a while and wants to upgrade to a DSLR/mirrorless scanning setup. The amount of added detail I get out of 35 mm scans particularly is enough to make me switch over!

Thank you Reimann for sharing your thoughts. To see more of his work, check out his YouTube and Instagram.

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