Delicate Daguerreotype Images by Iván Martín González

Iván Martín Gonzalez is a photographer from Madrid, whose work is characterized by an intimate, delicate style. He shares with us a series of photographs that he has shot with the Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens.

Hello, Ivan. Welcome to the Lomography Magazine - How did your journey in the world of photography begin?

I can say that I began to get into this world a few years ago, maybe four or five. I started to have an interest when they gave a compact camera to my sister as a present. I used to take it often, I liked to go out onto the street and experiment with it. From that moment on, I started to like photography more and more, and I have been learning and developing little by little, in a self-taught way and with lots of practice. Today, I can say that it has become a passion for me.

How would you describe your visual style?

I work with a style that is quite careful and personal. Basically, I focus on the face and on the expression of the person being photographed. I try to achieve that their gaze or their gesture, when combined with the surroundings, manage to transmit something, that leads the spectator towards the inside of the image, towards the story that they are telling. I would describe my style as intimate.

How has your style evolved over time?

Along the years, I have passed through many facets and completely different styles. At the start, I was interested in landscape photography, but later on, I evolved towards a style that was quite minimalistic. I liked to create my own compositions and I cared a lot for simplicity. Now, the photos that I shoot are completely different from all of that, as I am focusing on portraits and artistic photography.

What did you shoot with the Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens?

I carried out two shoots with this lens; on the one hand with Juanma, with whom I have combined the portrait with striking architecture, and on the other hand with Lydia, with whom I centered more on nature. In both cases, I tried to look for an alluring combination of light and the person. I sought out locations and models who would work with the delicate effect produced by the lens.

How was your experience shooting with the Art Lens - do you have any tips for someone who is using it for the first time?

The experience has been totally positive. I think one can achieve very interesting and striking effects with this lens, in addition to original photos that are very far removed from the conventional ones. The result has quite surprised me. Simply enjoy it.

Upcoming projects?

I don't have any projects planned. Simply to keep on creating, enjoying, learning new things in terms of photography, and hopefully be able to devote myself to it in the future.

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Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens

The Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens is available for Canon EF, Nikon F, or Pentax K mounts (both analog and digital), and many other camera models using adaptors!

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