Portugal. The Man: On and Off the Spotlight with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System

The ever experimental rock band from Alaska, "Portugal. The Man", gave a stellar performance of both their old and new tunes on September 17 at Gasometer, Vienna, and we brought our Neptune Convertible Art Lens System to capture their musical magic.

Photos by Sebastian Gansrigler with Canon 6D and Neptune-Despina 50mm lens from the Neptune Art Lens System

Portugal. The Man recently released their latest album, Woodstock. The album gets its name from an original ticket stub from the 1969 Woodstock music festival that vocalist John Gurley found in his father's belongings. The album intends to build upon the spirit of Woodstock — to comfort people through music during a time of societal and political unease.

Concert and indoor photography is often hindered by limited lighting, but thankfully the Despina lens (the 50mm lens from the Neptune Art Lens System), made it easy for us to catch some seriously cool light effects, effortlessly achieving bold colors, contrasts, silhouettes, and shadows.

After singing along to the acclaimed "Sleep Forever" and the new single "Feel It Still", we went behind-the-scenes with the band members. Here are some moments backstage with the band:

Photos by Sebastian Gansrigler, both in digital (Canon 6D and Neptune-Despina 50mm lens with the Neptune Art Lens System) and film (Canon AE-1 with Canon 50mm 1.8 lens and Fuji Neopan1600)

As it turns out, bassist and co-founder, Zach Carothers, has been a photography-enthusiast since his teenage years. We asked him to test-drive the Lomo'Instant Square, and these are some of the results:

Shots by Zach Carothers (Portugal. The Man)

Our time with Portugal. The Man left us in high-spirits, and we can’t wait to meet up again with them for round two!

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Huge fan of the band? Never miss a show by checking out their website, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest updates, headlines, and schedules.

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