Kodak Ektra 100


Recently I saw on a 110 film cartridge , and I remembered of my old Kodak Ektra 100

Kodak Ektra 100 are made in Germany from 1978 to and its body all made in plastic, batteries not required. It has flip flash port and having a nice and gleamy Kodar 22mm lens, there is no focusing adjustments though and its aperture settings and shutter speed dials that’ll get in your way – a pure point and shoot camera, great!

It’s very simple to use, just open the back and pop in your 110 film cassette. It only fits one way, and it’s impossible to expose the film when loading, so this is perfect for baby Lomographers to use. Close the back door, and wind the film until you stop seeing X and when you start seeing number 1 on the frame counter, then you know you’re ready for your first photo. Just aim the camera, and press the button to make some analogue magic!

As the photos were taken between 1992 and 1998 , I can not remember the film I use, but in general the quality of the pictures was very good .These cameras seem to do better with scenes where detail is not important.

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  1. droogieboy
    droogieboy ·

    A wonderful personal recollection of a forgotten camera Some lovely pics too - particuarly the beach scenes. Thanks for sharing

  2. jeasan
    jeasan ·

    How do I operate this camera? Does it have a charger?

  3. linalena
    linalena ·

    Hi I recently found my old Ektra 100. Does anyone have an idea which film I could purchase nowadays to try if it still works? Or is there no chance? :)

  4. friso
    friso ·

    Yes lomography sells 110 film which is the film that goes into this camera. I have i roll of lomography tiger 200 film and if you decide to buy that i wouldn’t recommend shooting in bright sunlight because you’ll overexpose the film. My pictures taken with it were in evening sunlight. Also shooting indoors will result in really bad underexposure.

  5. friso
    friso ·

    shop.lomography.com/en/films/110-film Here is a link to buy some film. I would research if you can let it develop in your area. They still develop it in the Netherlands but i don’t know about the rest of the world.

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