These are the Winners of the NSMBL your own La Sardina Rumble!

Time flies when you’re having fun – the NSMBL your own La Sardina Rumble has come to a close! It was awesome to see so many creative juices flowing and we got some great designs from all over the world! Together with out friends from NSMBL we enjoyed looking at each and every one of them. And here’s the big moment; the Winners!

Since the kick-off of the NSMBL your own La Sardina Rumble our mailman started complaining about his back… Whenever he entered the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam he had some parcels for us with the wildest designs imaginable. In no time at all, we were overwhelmed with submissions and we are super excited about all the creativity that you guys put into it!

Yesterday was the ultimate deadline for the competition and together with the people at NSMBL we checked out all the different ideas, designs and even some proto types!
Let me tell you, it was quite hard to pick the winner since we got over 50 great submissions! After some deliberation, discussing and a vote we managed to pick the winners. And here they are:

Grand Prize Winner from the Netherlands – valerie0vr

It’s all about timing – and valerie0vr knew this was essential! She came over to our store on December 1st to deliver her beautiful ‘Maneki Neko’ La Sardina design at the store. Her design is based on the cat who is a lucky charm in Japanese culture.
valerie0vr added a little note on a golden piece of paper to explain why she made this design: “When I printed the design I kept staring at the way the La Sardina is pictured. Did I see a little paw motioning me towards the paper? Yup! I really did see a kittycat calling me! That’s when I decided to make a Japanese luck charm La Sardina. The ‘Maneki Neko’. We all agreed, unanimously, that Valerie had the coolest design in the Netherlands! Congratulations!

valerie0vr wins a La Sardina DIY camera and an all-expenses paid sleepover in Amsterdam for 2 people, a luxurious dinner and a free workshop at the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam.

Grand Prize Winner from abroad – asharnanae

Just like valerie0vr the design that asharnanae sent in was only just in time to make it to the cut. However it came all the way from Cambridge, England. Her La Sardina was inspired by the mythical and magical huge octopuses that inhabit the sea. It’s sexy, exciting and super creative! Again we unanimously chose the winner. Release the Kraken!
Congratulations asharnanae!

asharnanae also wins a La Sardina DIY camera and two workshop vouchers to spend in a Lomography Gallery Store near her.

Both of you guys will get the La Sardina DIY camera sent to their houses as soon as possible so you can start making the real deal! Together with NSMBL we will document what these girls did with their camera and how the design was translated into a reality!.
Valerie will be visited by the NSMBL crew – they will take pictures of Valerie and het camera in action. And Valerie will be our guest of honor during the NSMBL x Lomography Exhibit Party! She’ll tell us everything about her design and her inspiration for the design. asharnanae won’t be visited by the NSMBL crew but she will get the same coverage online!

The 3 runners up: Roos Koene, soloveispunk en Nout.

Roos Koene had her eyes set on a peeping Tom kind of design. Shooting a picture is always done from the perspective of the photographer. The eyes see what will be caught on film and this is why she choose 200 tiny eyes to adorn her La Sardina.

soloveispunk went an entirely different route. In stead of just designing her own La Sardina she decided to go straight ahead to the prototype phase! On the beach in Sardinia she started collecting plastic waste and with her collection she managed to make this awesome Sardinia La Sardina!

Last but not least is our ever impressive Lomo Amigo Nout. He really liked the idea of making an actual camera so he ran out to the store and bought himself a La Sardina DIY camera to manhandle. The result is a strange looking hybrid between a camera and a analogue airplane! A 800 horse power enginge now powers this La Sardina! He’s still working on this crazy camera but the first previews have leaked out of his garage:

The 3 runners up will be getting 25 Piggies each deposited on their LomoHomes. of course they will also be featured in the exhibit that starts on December 21st in the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam!

All of the lucky winners will be contacted by email!

Credits: mrmaart

NSMBL x Lomography Exhibit Party
We want to thank everyone who participated in this rumble. Every single design we received will be featured in the special exhibit that will start on December 21st in the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam. Want to see what other awesome concoctions people came up with? Make sure to be there at the NSMBL x Lomography Exhibit Party! We will supply drinks, noms and music, you need to supply the fun!
Into facebook? Check this event and put yourself on ‘going’.

From Amsterdam with lots of lomo love,
Lomography the Netherlands & NSMBL

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