First of all this is an 100% analogue collection taken with a wide variation of analogue cameras.

My name is Lutz Bergemann, born in 1963, originally from Bremen/Germany but currently am living in Münsingen/Switzerland. Despite my profession as an IT-Consultant, I early discovered my passion for photography at the age of fourteen and am ever since a dedicated photographer. My main interest when taking pictures was initially taking travel pictures from different countries I have visited, such as Canada, Chile, Peru, USA, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, Malta, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Jordania and Egypt. But I also love to take portraits and fashion photos.
Since I have seen so many different countries I have also a big affection to strong and vibrant colours. Especially South America had a big influence in my love for colours.
From 2010 until 2014 I was a member of the photo club Münsingen (CH) and from March 2011 to 2013 I was a member of the executive committee of the club.
In April 2011 I won the first two prices of an internal club competition, which had the theme “Free” with 2 beautiful woman portraits. These were the first two prices I won in a photo competition.
Since 2010 I had many different fashion shootings with some beautiful models from different countries and nationalities. I enjoy these kinds of shootings a lot, which often involves the models themselves in the creative process, even if it does imply a lot of work preparing everything. As I received very positive feedback from the models and other photographers it became a great passion of mine.
In 2011 I exposed two themes (Double Exposures & Swiss Car Colours) in Strasbourg/France. One year later, in 2012, I exposed my best model portraits at "Photo Zumstein", the biggest photo shop in Bern. I then also had the opportunity to expose at the "Photo Münsingen" two big photo collages. Both expositions were a big honour and pleasure for me.
In the same year I also began to go back to analogue photos, not only 35mm also Middle format 6x6 cm with a lot of different camera models like Minolta, Zeiss Ikon, Contax, Canon, Pentax, Balda and Zenza Bronica. The results are definitely on a professional level even if the resolution, which I can show on this page, is lower than the original scans.
In 2014 I exposed my best portraits and landscape pictures from my trips to Egypt and Jordania from 2013-14 at "Photo Zumstein" in Bern.
I also had two other expositions in Bern were I have shown "Multicultural Portraits" and my "Swiss Car Colours" again.
My digital equipment was first based on a Sony Alpha 700 and 850 & actually A99 (Full frame) and the Sony Nex-5-7 and A6000 with a lot of the best Sony Zeiss & Minolta lenses. My last digital camera is the great Sony A7II, which I can combine perfectly with most of my vintage lenses.
On this lomography page I only show my analogue pictures, which are a big passion of mine. It is a different way of taking pictures. Sometimes it takes hours, days or even weeks only to complete one film of 36 or 12 pictures. The whole process is of course slower than with a digital camera and there are always surprising moments when you see the developed results, which I really enjoy and love.
I have a huge collection of old cameras. Most of them I can give a second life after cleaning and revising them. I try to use all these cameras for at least one time. In the last months I also experimented with brands like Nikon, Pentax SLR's, Yashica, Olympus and Konica. It was always a big fun with amazing results.
I hope you like my work and feel free to contact me at anytime.

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