请问, 可以不可以我的猴哥相机作你的照片?
I used to think DSLR was cool, but I never enjoyed the times we went out together. Besides being a little too overweight, everything has to be top quality and expensive. I was also worrying about our relationship all the time, kept pushing all the wrong buttons and everything just got way too complicated too fast. Next thing I knew, we never went out together anymore. I have so many memories of going out by myself, but thats just it, I only have memories, which are fading fast.
I think I first saw Holga around Philadelphia out on the scene maybe last year, here and there, parties I frequented, etc. Holga definitely caught my eye, so colorful, cool and mysterious. I think it was one summer day walking around Gaoxiong, Taiwan when I passed a store window and saw a Holga rainbow; I fell totally in love. However, it wasnt until last fall that we started dating. I picked Holga up while rummaging through a sale rack, next thing I knew, Holga came home with me that night. It all happened so fast! Now we go out all the time, pretty much everywhere together. We had only been together a couple of months before I started dressing Holga up in new clothes and making some minor changes here and there. Holga doesnt seem to mind, however, and still treats me right. Holga also doesn't mind that I sometimes also go out with Diana Qinghua; or if I take a couple of Hits or sub-miniatures along with me when I go. We have an open, trusting relationship like that. Plus, all my friends love Holga. These last nine months with Holga have been amazing, never did I dream about falling so hard! While we are still working on our relationship, I know we will be together for a long time to come.


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