Iphone 4 VS iphone 5

The difference between Iphone4(left) and Iphone5(right) when using the Lomography Smartphone Scanner


  1. deusexmens
    deusexmens ·

    Left* [!]

  2. sebavi
    sebavi ·

    What about the left? @deusexmens :)

  3. grainandcolour
    grainandcolour ·

    Nice results! Where did you get the scanner? Is it already available on the shop? :)

  4. sebavi
    sebavi ·

    Thanks, im getting better results than this now though.I got mine because I pledged on the scanner when it was on kickstarter. I have no idea if it's available in the shop.

  5. sebavi
    sebavi ·


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