For every moment of triumph, for every instance of beauty, many souls must be trampled.
-Hunter S. Thompson

This is the Home Page used for the documentation of the LomoLostBoys Photography, enjoy.

The Lost Boys
Buggi: Our fearless leader and only "girl" in the gang. Buggi, also called Peter amongst many other names, has been shooting on film for almost 3 years now. It all began when her room mate in college got a new fisheye and gave her the old one, she has been hooked ever since. Her favorite things to shoot are nature and flowers, and any and all things vintage or retro, since she chooses to believe she is living in the 60s rather than this god awful time. Her current collection of cameras include, Diana Mini, Fisheye, Canon EOS Rebel 2000, and a Zeiss Ikon Netter from the WWII era, given to her by her grandfather.

Rufio: The first recruit into our little LomoLost Boy photo gang. He picked up the Lomography habit soon after Buggi and is just as addicted as her, if not more. He is known for complicated shots and taking high risks with each and every photo with amazing results. His baby is the Diana F+ and he has every imaginable accessory for her, including but not limited to... fisheye lens, instaback, and flash.

Valentine: Is new to Lomography but already becoming an expert on the subject. Some may call it beginners luck but Val has taken some of the most beautiful shots of all of the lost boys, especially with double exposures. His camera of choice is the La Sardina - Fischers Fritze, which takes stunning photos. He originally had a Colorsplash named Chakra but alas, she fell into a beach bonfire after her first few roles and is no more. But never fear, at this point, nothing could deter Valentine from taking pictures at all possible moments.

Curly: Is brand new to the Lomography community but decided to start out big by purchasing the new LomoKino, we are extremely excited to see what sort of magic he makes with it. Curly is also an aspiring model and the pictures taken of him are just as spectacular as the photos he shoots himself. Stay tuned for the release of his first LomoKino movie, coming soon!

James: He just bought a Holga 135 and hasn't even developed the first role yet but he is not a newbie when it comes to photography in general. In fact, he is the most technically trained photography of the bunch so we are stoked to see what he comes up with. James loves black and white film more than anything else but can be persuaded to use color once in a while.

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