I'm new to lomography. I bought a Holga 135 almost a year ago, and I didn't like it for the longest time. With school and work, I didn't feel like it was worth the time OR money to figure all the ins and outs of plastic photography. (BTW, this hobby is EXPENSIVE!) Last month I decided to do some more playing with the Holga, and I loved it! There was still a lot of fumbling around with the first roll, and just when I thought I got the hang of it I got another icky roll, but I love the excitement of having to relinquish control... seeing as I can be a bit of a control freak.

So my dad saw how happy my holga made me, and in an attempt to do something truly wonderful for me he ordered a Diana F+ and a Diana+ Mini Wonderland for me to learn all about and play with. The Diana F+ is far more troublesome than the Holga 135, and the Diana+ Mini Wonderland is my new favorite of the three.

I suspect that months will go by, pictures will accumulate, soon I'll end up with a film negative scanner of my very own, and not long after that start tacking on more cameras. I've got my eye on a Lubitel 166+, and maybe a pinhole camera from lomo's shop... all in the wishlist ;)

Anyway, I'm hoping maybe this hobby can help me meet new people and explore new interests. I hope you enjoy my amateur photos!! :)


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