The Hell With Perfection — Freedom for Photography!


Okay, so first I was a model (in Paris,) then I got bored of pretending to look good and tried digital photography (in Birmingham), then I got bored of trying to reach pixel perfection and got myself a hasselblad-like-in-Blow-up, a canon-A1-I-stole-in-my-dad's-old-stuff, a fisheye2 and an action sampler (in Madrid). I can't see myself staying at the same place or using the same camera for too long, but... I've had a diana-mini for months and fell in love with it, well not with it as in I'm in love with the camera but as in I fell in love with someone the same day I shot the first roll with the Diana mini. And this is such a cute little thing you know, I took it everywhere with me, when I say everywhere I mean as far as Sydney, yes sir; people said it would melt or something but they're just jealous, because I have it with me right now, in a small volcanic island in the Indian Ocean that is, and it's still alive, ha! Anyway, about my baby-diana the point is -and that deserves to be called a miracle- I'm still not bored of it.
Update, a year later: I thought teaching English in Spain was a bit boring, so now I'm teaching Spanish in England. I still love my diana mini.


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