I shoot with a lot of different cameraes my most recent purchases is a Diana F+ and a Lomo’instant. I am having loads of fun with them and that is what I want to share here. I will upload some of my other analog adventures too I have shot a ton of film with different analog cameraes, some found in thriftstores, some bought on eBay, mostly not the most expensive cameraes.

I have uploaded a bunch of photos from my Diana Mini I got tired of it had lots of trouble with it, well I would like to have one again some day, you can read a bit more about it on my Spark Page:

Chaika II: Digging through my negative archives I have rescanned a lot of old negs from my time shooting with another trouble maker my Chaika II it took me some time purchasing bodies and lenses to make a mathc that worked, then I had to calibrate the lens. I shot a lot with it and then I had trouble with the leafshutter getting stuck, now it is just part of my collection.

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